A New Day



I sit here, staring at my screen, with a million thoughts flowing through my head. It’s been a while since I did this but I need to get it out. People need to know. They need to see what I am.

It all started about 7 months ago. It was an ordinary day, I was laying on the couch watching TV and browsing social media. No big, right? I opened a tweet and was met with a story. A very good story I might add. A story of a most gruesome nature. I read it and thought “Wow. This guy is good.” I read more, not just by him but by others as well and I found myself opening back up. The real me was beating at the door wanting out. So I asked one that I trusted “How do I get started?” She was most helpful. She told me of the River and all that dwell there. I was ecstatic. So I began.


As time passed, more of me came out. I told tales of my past, real actual events, and I bled. It felt good. Then They wanted out. The voices that have lived in their cages for far too long. I must admit I was scared. Scared to unleash them. I mean, what if I do and I lose these people that I have grown to love? What if they see all of me and they don’t like it? But she encouraged me, told me to let them loose and no one would mind. If you go back you will see that they were there, I was just trying to censor them.

Let me back up…I should explain, I guess. I believe we all have more than one personality. Multiple people that live inside us. Not in a Sybil way but…yeah maybe. How else do you explain the mild and timid woman that goes postal and kills those that harm her? That killer was always a part of her, just kept locked up. We each have the ability to be many things but very few will let them all out. We hide them away like some vile rotten thing that must never see the light of day. Not me, not anymore.

So far you have met most of them. The scared little girl, the twisted teen, the ravenous vampire, the sex crazed one and most recently Vanity. Yes, I knew she was in there, I chose not to acknowledge her though. They all coexist quite well. They know each other and who needs to come out and who needs to hide. They have been doing this for years.



Now, on this new day, I prepare to unleash the worst of them. She has tried to come out before, read Devil Inside, that was her. She was ready to play but I wasn’t ready to let her. She can be quite malicious and, in all honesty, she scares me. She has a way of seeing things. A way of dealing with things that can be…..demented? Yes, demented, that’s what she is.


She looks at the world in strictly black and white. There is no grey area where she is concerned. She’s a real Old Testament kind of gal…an eye for an eye…see where I’m coming from? She doesn’t like laws, they fail. The justice system doesn’t truly protect. So that’s where she comes in. Until now I have kept her hidden, just another voice in my head, locked away where she can’t hurt anyone. But, it’s a new day.

She is up on the roof as I type this, laying in the sun, so happy to be free. I don’t know what she is planning. I hear her though, screaming her name to the world “I am Vigilante, I am Valkyrie, I am Justice and you shall all pay!”

She has something in store for us…..God what have I done?


Vigilante Valkyrie




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