Gotta Light?


The flame lights up

the shadow thrown by

his rakishly cocked fedora

as he lights his cigarette

trench coat firmly belted

collar up at the back

“here’s looking at you schweetheart”

in a bad Bogey imitation

and I smile, and shake my head

looking away from the intensity

of his blue eyes


Somethings don’t change, I think

Ever the joker, even when it ended

“So you’re still carrying a torch for her?”

I raise my eyes, my eyebrow as well

Meeting a serious expression

That staggers the breath in my chest

He holds out his hand, the lines in his palm

still the same, the tattoo on his wrist

the zipper, oh how we laughed

And I hesitate, it hurt the last time

I don’t want to be hurt again


His eyes, those damnable eyes

His arms, around me, hand on my neck

Kisses that scream I missed

I love you

Never leave again

“So you’re still carrying a torch for her?”

I smile into his face

momentary hesitation

“Gotta light?”


*quotes from  Only Angels Have Wings and Casablanca*





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