Mistress by Amber McCrea

We have met a sister upon The Twisted Path who has added her steps to ours for a time. Along our journey she tells us a tale of love and loneliness, in the most eloquent of prose. Meet Amber McCrea…



Night falls quickly around me
My eyes close begging for sleep that never comes.
The sound of your voice echoes in my ear
I feel your firm but gentle touch on my skin.
Your intoxicating scent fills the room
The taste of your lips against mine.
I reach out to you opening my eyes and you’re not there….
Was I dreaming or is the memory of you that strong?
Tightly I close my eyes and pray for peaceful slumber
That will bring you back to me.

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The Orphan Killer 2: Bound x Blood coming this summer



4 comments on “Mistress by Amber McCrea

  1. Well done Amber…I liked this very much!! I could feel the longing in every word. I hope you continue to write, this was excellent sister! ❤

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