To Serve, Trust & Obey 18+

Excitement coursed through me as I fumbled with my garter. Sir had told me last night He was planning something special for us to do tonight…earlier He phoned and instructed me on what to wear. I’d gone to the closet & removed the little black dress He loved and the sky-high Louboutin’s that showed off my legs to their best advantage. I also readied my overnight bag…He’d never asked for that before and curiosity was getting the best of me as I only imagined what He had in store. It made me remember the bag He carried with Him as He left home that morning. I was ready & just re-brushing my hair when I heard the car pull up and then the door open. I gathered my bags and when I reached the front door stopped and stared as He stood there…stunningly handsome in His dark grey Armani suit.


How had I been so lucky to find this amazing man I would never know. He smiled as He walked towards me, placed His arm around my waist & kissed my forehead as He said “Good evening my beautiful girl…are you all ready?” “Yes, Sir” I said, “I am ready.” He handed my bags to the driver who put them in the car & helped me inside before we headed towards town. He was very quiet during the drive but had a smile playing on His lips as He held my hand. I knew better than to even ask where we were going or what would happen…His outings had never disappointed me. After a short drive through downtown I recognized the area as we pulled up to the valet at one of our favorite restaurants. He’d made reservations a few days ago & we whisked in front of the line of people waiting to get in. We found ourselves seated at our favorite table…a small cozy spot in a dimly lit corner.


It had been a while since we had been out like this…the conversation flowed as He ordered our food and we went through a few bottles of wine before it was time to go. I was feeling rather tipsy by this point but it did not seem to affect Him. We got into the car and drove a short while to a large hotel where He’d reserved us a room for the night. We left the car, checked in, and headed upstairs.  Once inside I looked around…it was a beautiful suite. A small entryway & closet greeted us first then we were inside a rather large living area with 2 sofas, 2 chairs, TV, a large dining area & work area with a desk. Directly behind that was a large bedroom with a king-sized bed, 2 large dressers, a smaller table with chairs & another TV. Walking through the bedroom you could see inside the spacious bathroom with huge walk-in shower.


I felt His hand on my waist as He brushed my hair aside & kissed my neck. I closed my eyes as He found my zipper & felt my dress fall to the floor around my feet. I stepped out of it as He laid it carefully across the back of a chair. He sat on the edge of the bed & positioned me in front of Him so I faced Him, standing there in my underwear & heels. He was quite a bit taller than me & we were almost eye to eye as He ran His hands around to my ass & squeezed, pulling me closer. “You are so beautiful my pet” He said as He leaned forward & kissed my stomach “This will be a special night…I’ve brought nothing with us so we will have to improvise with whatever we have in the room. And you are to be as quiet as a mouse until I advise you different, understand?”


I nodded and smiled at Him as I bit my lip, already shivering in anticipation. He pulled me in even closer & brought His mouth to mine, kissing slowly at first but as our lips parted & tongues met it intensified. He wrapped His arms around me as the kiss became almost brutal…He pulled back to catch his breath then leaned back in to kiss me softly, moving to my cheek & kissing my neck as I began to moan. He slapped my ass as He gruffly whispered “Remember, you have to keep quiet.” He reached around & unfastened my bra, His lips on my shoulder as it fell to the floor.  His lips moved to my breast, licking my hard nipple then taking it in His teeth & pulling…I gasped loudly, completely forgetting His rule as His hand found my ass again, the sting from the slap mixed with the pleasure of His mouth on my breast. “Don’t do that again sexy girl, or you’ll regret it.”


He stood up then lowered me down on the bed, removing my panties while stroking my inner thigh. I was so sensitive there it was all I could do to keep quiet. He sat beside me, held my hands above my head & found my nipple again with His lips, pulling hard…my back arched & tears fell I wanted to scream so badly. His hand was on my stomach & He ran it down slowly over my mound, pushing my legs apart & running his finger along my outer lips. My hips rose to meet His hand but He pushed me back down. He continued to suck my nipple as He found my wet opening with His thumb & pushed it inside just a bit. I was already so on fire I felt I would explode as He continued to tease me. He placed my hands behind my head instructing me not to move them as He knelt on the floor & pulled me forward. He placed tiny kisses along my inner thigh & lips as I felt my juices start to flow. Spreading me wide He licked upwards towards my clit not quite touching it & began to slowly fuck me with his tongue as I let out a cry. He stopped suddenly & my eyes popped open as He flipped me over on my stomach. He leaned over my back & pulled my hands together, coming close to my ear saying “Keep those hands there you naughty little girl, I think someone needs a spanking!”


He pushed me forward on the bed & straddled my legs as He began His assault…not slapping hard at first but it began to sting and I bit my tongue to keep from crying. Tears ran down my cheeks as I felt His other hand reach between my legs & tease my lips…barely brushing my clit as I squirmed. It felt like this went on forever but then I felt Him raise up & turn me back over, pulling me forward again on the bed. Through the fog of my tears I saw Him remove his shirt, shoes & undo His slacks before taking off His underwear and releasing His very large cock.
At the sight of it I felt my pussy throb & grow even more wet in anticipation. But He suddenly knelt down & said “I want to hear you scream for me baby!” as He took my clit in His teeth & pulled. I let out everything I’d been holding in and couldn’t contain my cries from the intense waves of pleasure. He stopped quickly & rose up to enter me, sliding in slowly feeling my pussy tighten as He filled me. He thrust slowly at first so not to come too quickly but realized I’m on the verge of another orgasm and began to pound into me harder…almost violently. As I reach my peak and the orgasm crashed over me I heard Him moaning in the throes of His own orgasm. He continued to slowly move inside me until He drained Himself and collapsed on top of me exhausted…as was I. He kissed the tears from my face holding me close and I heard Him whisper “That’s my good girl” as I drifted off to sleep.
——————– < ◊ > ——————–
I woke up a little bit later…He was still asleep facing away from me and I climbed out of the bed & went to the bathroom. After I returned I noticed He hadn’t moved. I smiled & slowly crawled back onto the bed & under the sheets…facing His back as I gently spooned Him. Feeling rather bold I slowly began running my hand along His arm & down to His chest. I could feel His chest fall & rise and His heartbeat. I pressed my body tight against His & felt Him begin to stir. He slowly turned His head & smiled at me & said “Hey lovely, what’s going through that head of yours? Or do I need to ask?” I just laughed and He turned slowly to face me. He leaned in and began to kiss me slowly…soft little kisses that sent electric shocks all through me. I wrapped my leg over His hips and pressed tightly against Him. He slowly moved down to kiss my chest…sucking one breast while moving His hand between my legs stroking my inner thigh. He moved His mouth back to mine then  leaned in to my ear whispering “I’m warning you, I’ll make you beg for it this time baby girl, loudly.”
I gaped at him, speechless, but inside I was on fire. He rolled over on His back pulling me on top as I straddled Him, moving myself over His cock but not putting Him inside me. He closed His eyes groaning as He reached for my breasts, pinching my nipples hard as I gasped & moaned. He lightly pushed me off Him positioning me between His legs as He guided my head to His hard erect cock. I licked His balls & slowly moved my tongue up the shaft. He reached down, raised my head up & moved my mouth to the tip shoving it inside. He began to move my head up & down the shaft…I reached for His balls & massaged them with my hand as He began to groan.
Faster than I thought I felt the spasms of His orgasm as His hot cum filled my mouth and I drained Him of every drop. He pulled me on top of Him and kissed me hard rolling me over onto my back.  Placing himself between my legs he quickly thrust two fingers inside my pussy making me groan loudly.  He then began to play with the lips…pulling and pinching at my clit driving me completely insane because He would push me to the edge and stop, continuing this for several minutes.  When I was at the point I thought I could take no more He said “If you want to come you have to beg me…beg me to give it to you my little slut” I cried” Oh Sir please…I need to come…please Sir PLEASE!” He grinned as He leaned down and took my clit in His teeth, biting, licking and sucking as the orgasm washed over me and I shook almost violently. He continued to slowly tongue me as the aftershocks of the orgasm continued to flow. He then flung me onto my stomach and straddled my ass.
He began to massage my back while slowly rubbing His cock between my  cheeks. I could feel it growing harder by the second. He then got off the bed and walked around to the side…pulling me onto my hands & knees. He reached down, spread my legs & began to rub my clit…pulling at it as whimpered & moaned beneath Him. He then placed His cock between my legs…not entering me just slowly moving it against my swollen knob…He could feel how wet & ready I was…I wanted him inside me so badly but knew I’d have to wait until He was ready. He leaned over my back whispering “How bad do you want my cock inside you baby?” I was practically crying as I said “Please Sir I need it badly…it feels so good please Sir PLEASE give it to me!” He wasn’t satisfied and began to slap my ass hard…I was so ready I felt I would cum as soon as He entered me but He was just not giving in that easy.
He pulled away from me & said for me to stay where I was. He walked around to the other side of the bed, faced me & leaning in asked me softly “Do you really want this big hard cock stuffed inside that tight little pussy?” I cried “Yes…please …it feels so good…I must have it…I need it please Sir” He walked back around and spread my ass cheeks as I cried out. He reached down with one hand feeling my opening & running His finger around the outside.  I was sobbing as I cried “Please Sir…please put your cock inside me PLEASE!” He laughed, spanking me again hard as I gripped the sheets, biting my tongue to keep from screaming. The stinging assault stopped as I felt Him slowly guide the head of His cock towards my wet dripping pussy and push it inside…I let out a low moan as He pushed my face into the sheets.
He slowly moved in & out as He bent down & found my clit with His other hand…pinching it as He would thrust inside me making my cries of pleasure so loud I could barely comprehend anything else. I felt the orgasm begin when He said “Don’t you dare cum yet baby!” and I gritted my teeth, tears streaming from my eyes.  He leaned over my back, took a fistful of my hair & jerked my head back so hard I almost came. Then He growled “Cum for me now!” and I exploded all around Him, soaking His cock as I screamed. As He slowed down & then pulled out I collapsed on the bed…completely spent. I could still feel myself breathing in small gasps as He lay back down & wrapped his arms around me, stroking my hair & kissing me softly. He whispered “Now that wasn’t so bad…was it my little pet?” I couldn’t speak…only nod as He held me close & we drifted off again.
——————– < ◊ > ——————–
The next morning I woke to find myself alone in the bed…I tried to get up but felt like I could barely move. Thinking back on last night I smiled. I slowly crawled out of bed and almost fell…it was hard to stand as I was completely worn out from our evenings activities.  Looking around the room realizing I was by myself. I made my way to the bathroom and while there heard the door open. He walked by with a bag in His hand…from the aroma I could smell I realized He’d gotten some breakfast. He smiled at me and said “Good morning baby…wasn’t sure you were ever gonna wake up” I laughed & said “Yes I feel like I could lie back down right now & go back to sleep” He laughed & said “Well I have some breakfast so lets go in the other room” I pulled on a robe and walked in to join Him. He was laying the food out on the table with His back to me & I couldn’t help myself…I walked up behind Him and squeezed His ass. He jumped a bit almost spilling His coffee and turned around, a wicked gleam in his eye as he grinned & said “I’m gonna make you pay for that you bad girl”
I just giggled as I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to eat. After we were done I cleared away the mess as He began to get ready to take a shower. He came up next to me naked and said “Since we only have a little while here before checkout we should make the most of it…get that robe off & join me in the shower” He slapped my ass & walked into the bathroom turning on the faucet…it was a nice sized shower with plenty of room & a large detachable shower head. The water was really hot…just how I liked it. He looked at me & smiled, turned me around & led me to the water.  As it rained down on me He grabbed the soap and began to wash me…lathering it over my breasts & down my stomach. He knew exactly how to work my body into a frenzy as I began to moan. He turned me around & washed my back then my butt. He pulled me out of the water & turned me to face the wall with my hands up.  He spread my legs and began to wash my pussy & slowly fingered my clit. I groaned, pressed my upper body against the wall & stuck my ass out as far as I could as He then began to thrust his fingers inside me…I cried out as He began to also slap my cheeks with His other hand and then violently shuddered as the orgasm peaked. He then turned me around & handed me the soap…I smiled as I turned Him around & washed His back and then lower.
He then turned around so I could wash His chest and I slowly made my way to His cock…it was so hard and I kneeled down & rubbed it gently as I ran my hands up and down the shaft. He leaned back against the wall & closed His eyes as He began to moan. With my other hand I cupped His balls and massaged them as I continued to stroke Him. When His breathing started to become faster He grabbed me by my hair & I took Him in my mouth…licking the head, sucking & moving up & down the fast. He groaned loudly as I could feel His orgasm begin…His hot cum shot into my mouth and I continued to suck until I had drained Him. I raised up to face Him…He took me by the shoulders and turned me up against the wall facing Him. He began to kiss me almost urgently…squeezing my breasts & pressing His cock against me…it was already growing hard again. I wrapped my arms around Him as the kiss continued…He began to tongue me more slowly as I ran my hands down His back,  grabbed His ass and pulled Him even closer into me.  I could have kissed Him forever but we didn’t have a lot of time left.
There was a small shelf made into the shower wall and He sat me on it as I wrapped my legs around Him & pulled Him in tighter. Our lips parted…His mouth found my breast and as He sucked & nibbled I  began to moan. He knelt down in front of me… sitting on the shelf He placed one of my feet on each of His shoulders as He leaned in and took a long taste. He pushed my legs open wider & with His hands spread my lips as far as He could and began to lick every inch of me. I grabbed at His head…my fingers entangled in His hair as He worked my swollen clit with His tongue…biting it, sucking and then putting a finger inside…not all the way just a little to tease me. I could feel the orgasm begin as He pulled at my clit with His teeth. I cried out as I shook…shoved His face deep into my pussy as my juices began to flow and He licked up every last drop. I started to get up but He sat me back down as He then took my clit in His fingers and slowly massaged it. He then began to finger my opening a little more…teasingly. I leaned back as he continued…He pulled on the lips and ran His fingers along the outer edges then again taking my clit between His fingers and pinching it gently.
The cries of pleasure coming out of me were not even drowned out by the sound of the water I’m sure. It was so intense was almost in tears…I was in the beginning of another orgasm when He stopped suddenly …rising to His feet He grinned at me, placed my hands behind my back, made sure my legs were spread open wide, told me not to move an inch and walked out of the shower. I sat there not sure what He was doing as He came back in with some of the  syrup from our breakfast. He put some on his fingers and rubbed it on my nipples…the a small amount He dropped on my clit…He wasn’t touching it knowing how close I was to cumming. He wanted to pay me back for squeezing his ass earlier. He told me to open my mouth…He placed some syrup on my tongue & guided my head towards His nipples…He held my legs open wide as I licked, sucked & bit them.
Doing this I couldn’t ignore the aching in my clit…I felt like it was on fire and would explode if it was touched…I wanted it so badly but I knew He wasn’t going to let that happen right now. He pushed me away, leaned down and started licking the syrup from my breasts…He then moved farther down again kissing my inner thigh and lightly biting ..I could feel the violent pulses within me just yearning for it…He ran His tongue on the outer lips carefuly ignoring my exposed clit. He then started nibbling & biting at the vulva…my cries became more rapid and I thought I would burst. He then rubbed my thighs looked up at me and grinned…saying “Tell me how bad you want this” I was sobbing almost …crying out “Oh Sir please PLEASE lick my clit…it’s on fire!” He didn’t budge…just kept rubbing my legs smiling at me. He then said “I don’t think you deserve it…you’ve been a very bad girl” I pleaded with Him “no…No please I’m a good girl…I need it please Sir” He then placed his thumb against my opening as I moved myself against His hands.
He smiled and reached over to grab the shower brush. My eyes opened wide as He stood up & lightly slapped my clit with the back of it, gasping at the mixed feeling of pain & pleasure. He slapped it again & again, each time a bit harder than the first and I almost came but He stopped quickly, leaving me hanging on the brink as I begged Him to let me cum. He reached up & adjusted the spray on the shower head to a pulse, detached it and ran it over my throbbing pussy. The orgasm was instantaneous…the screams of ecstasy exploded out of my mouth as the water poured over me and He reached down fingering my slit. I was almost limp from exhaustion but the look on His face made me know we weren’t completely done yet. He re-attached the nozzle and turned it on a low spray directly above us.
Pinning my hands against the wall He placed the head of His cock against my throbbing center & shoved hard inside. He stood like that for a second as I held His gaze and then suddenly moved out & in again…hard and fast, my body exploding with every thrust. He placed his hand tight against my throat as he growled “You’re Sir’s naughty little fuck puppet aren’t you?” I couldn’t speak but nodded as I gasped for air. “Then scream my name when you cum..” He said, “Out loud…tell the world you are MINE!” I cried out over & over “I’m yours Sir…no one else’s!” until I felt I had no voice left.
His cum coated my insides as I felt my walls clench tighter around him. I was sobbing and shaking as he kissed me, softly & tenderly, praising me for being such a good girl. He turned off the water, dried us both off & led me back into the bedroom. I stopped suddenly, looking around, sensing something was different. He had a confused expression on His face as well but at the same moment we looked at each other and laughed…the beds were made…the maid had apparently come in while we were in the shower. There were extra mints on the pillow and a note “Did not mean to disturb you as it seemed you were “busy”…hope you enjoy your stay.” As I looked at the clock I laughed again…we’d pay much closer attention to check-out times on our next visit.

Queen of Hell









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  1. Decadent. Sinfully decadent. … brings to mind those words of literary fame. “Please, Sir, I want some more.”

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