In the trees

Standing in the dark

Only the red eye of

My cigarette as light

As I watch, wait for Prey,

unnoticed In the trees

In the rain

In the dark


The lovely Night

She kisses my eyes

With her velvet hair

Long tendrils draping here and there

Like kudzu,

She smothers my existence

Clings and kills, kills and screams Her love

Oblivious by Fernanda Suarez
Oblivious by Fernanda Suarez

The wind whipping her gown

It rattles like bones, dead leaves dance

In Her wake, as She spreads her killer love

To all those still wandering

Their small still voices euphonious

Lugubrious in their pulchritude

Small singing bits of humanity

Effervescent like sparking wine

The Story Of Bing Blog
The Story Of Bing Blog

The sweetness rests on my tongue

As Night’s head bows lower

Mouthing my mind with Her inky essence

Caressing the Switch, fingertips trailing

Teasing, touching the edge

Her claws they bite, so deep, exhilarating,

Ah La Doueur Exquise


Close two eyes, open a third

Minds eye, The All Seeing

Breathless, I wait, Bed of Nails

My blood rages, mouth full of desire to feed, feed,

Feed again

As I wait in the trees

In the rain

In the dark

In the night, O Lovely Night


“Need a light?” His voice shrieking hallelujah

Honey to my ears, it ignites the beast

As his flame gyrates madly before

The tip, impish fire animal

Cupid’s Wrath, it burns and stings

Licking my throat with sandpaper kisses


His eyes widen as he releases the fire

Shaking his hand and colouring the air with curses

And stops, stops ticking

Stops thinking, stops living

His breath is a sacrifice

I reap it, I steal it, I make love to It


With my hand

With the knife

In the trees

In the rain

In the dark


Come, feast.





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