Musings from the Reaction Gallery – Freaks

Musings from The Reaction Gallery

Welcome to Musings From The Reaction Gallery.  Put simply, these are my thoughts as I see them in plain speak.  Here we go….. People, as a rule, and as a whole, suck. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, this being one.   I’m friends with a lot of exceptions, it’s a giant Freaks Like Me Social event around here. But I digress…..


Not it’s to say that it’s everyone’s opinion, its mine own and I stick to it. Life experience has taught me that we are small community but growing. Back in my youth, I was a proud freak, though still hiding in the proverbial closet. It wasn’t as acceptable in my world, at that time, even now. I was in love with Freddy Krueger and he was the bane of my existence and my reason for waking. Something about him plagues me to this day, moreso since meeting the man behind the mask, Robert Englund last summer. I felt sorry for him rather than fearing him, and enjoyed every second of his revenge, after all, don’t we all say that going to your death in your sleep is the best way to go?

Nightmare on Elm Street Films
Nightmare on Elm Street Films

Freaks used to be such a derogatory term, I suppose it still is to some, I embrace it, and surround myself with others that fit the profile. It doesn’t matter what branch of the Freak Tree you land on, you could be tied to the trunk, it all comes to the same. People of like mind seem to get on better, we don’t have to pretend for society’s sake, resigned to chick flix and Disney movies. I love me my Disney, don’t get me wrong…The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, Howl’s Moving Castle and HELLO Captain America.  So sue me, I still cry at Bridge to Terabithia, and sing along with Mulan. Who the hell cares if the first rhyme I taught my boys was the Mickey Mouse Theme Song? We all have different sides, different things that feed our hearts and souls.

The Real Disney Princesses
The Real Disney Princesses

Speaking of freaks, doesn’t rebellion go skipping alongside? We all rebel in our own way, some scream it loud and proud off the rooftops, others do it quietly out of sight. Point is, some people lose sight and memory of why it is important. I wasn’t a rebel, mostly. I feel my sister’s eyes as she reads this, and she’s probably snarling and grabbing her daggers, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. I won’t go into it, but I had my moments and I live wth pride that over my accomplishments, and hope to hell my HellSpawn never find out. I know it’s inevitable, but I’d like to hold off if that’s fine with you…wait, I don’t care if it is.

Scroll along now.....
Scroll along now…..

And that’s another thing, Fuck Censorship. Much like people *does not necessarily reflect the views of this social media station* it sucks. I thought that free speech was a protected right. Apparently not, as there is so much censorship around. It’s an infection, a disease, and it sucks the life out of everything good.  Some protest that they don’t censor anyone, but lets be honest, we all do it. Every one of us has our built in prejudices and biased opinions. I’m no different. Some of these are maybe born of family history, some through life experiences, and sometimes it just because people are assholes.  I hear the raised eyebrows of alarm, and acknowedge them. My point is this: Why do it? You don’t like it? Don’t look. It’s simple. Move along, nothing to see here….I see plenty that boils my blood and at times makes me want to vomit, but, I have no right to tell anyone what they can like, what they choose for their own happiness. That isn’t my place, nor is it any of yours. You support your loves, show your devotion and ignore the rest. If it offends you, good. I’m glad it does. Beacuse then you are forced to think. Perspective. It’s everything.


Speaking of thinking, there seems to be a whole lot of people thinking and sharing their imginations around lately. I love to feed and there’s been precious little food in the past few months, save a few people whose words I devour daily. Some are reaching for their inner darkness and comong up aces, others are casting their lines into the Word Pool, and catching a big fish.. Some are simply branching out, tasting a new genre or exploring their chosen genre more fully, like lovers kiss. It makes me happy.

Suspek Productions
Suspek Productions

Am I happy? Relatively so. I have a wonderful group of peole to write with, so much talent that’s exploding, that pleases me. My family is managing, illness always brings a change and this time perhaps a new perspective on mortality came with it. Change is inevitable Humans require change to grow, evolve, or they stagnate, grow into themselves instead out to the world. To quote Beetlejuice, It’s all very personal.  You make the choices, stop bitching and get with the program, make yourself what you want to be and fuck the rest.

And this ends Musings from the Reaction Gallery, thanks for tuning in, see you next time.


Death Maiden






MrsRabbit disney-Maleficent-by-J-Scott-Campbell

The Orphan Killer 2: Bound x Blood coming this summer













3 comments on “Musings from the Reaction Gallery – Freaks

  1. Got to agree that the writings I’ve been so lucky to read, in my layman’s opinion have been exceptional. So to all who bleed, please keep sharing your freak with me!

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