What is wrong with people these days
When did we become so self absorbed
We can’t even return a phone call
Or check a message
I don’t ask for much
I know people have lives
We all get busy
Emergencies, unplanned events
These can disrupt anything
It’s not very hard
How can you not have
A minute
Or a couple
To check a message and respond
Just one simple question
If you’re busy just say so
But if you say you’re gonna get back to me
And a week or more passes by I’ll think something is wrong
Are you ignoring me?
Did you die in some serious accident?
There are many possibilities
But then I see you online
Day after day
And still you haven’t even looked at the message
It’s only a paragraph
It’s not a novel
What is so fucking hard about it?
Maybe I did something wrong
I’m used to being treated like shit
I’ve had my heart stomped on
Many times I have felt like a doormat
I’m too nice
Even gullible in some aspects
But I have changed a lot
In the last couple of years
Being a part of social media
Many people have come and gone
People I thought were my good friends
Have up and left me
Without even explaining why
Sometimes I would know the reason
It doesn’t hurt any less I know this is all online
There are lots of fakers out there
Lots of people are not what they seem
But I have never played anyone like that
I’ve never lied
Maybe I shared too much
The last few weeks have been very difficult
I’ve gone through tons of changes
Online and in real life
I’m not the same pathetic, trusting person that used to be
The people I can trust completely
Are very few I just wish
People would follow through
With what they say
If you make a promise, keep it
If you forget something, admit it
No games
And don’t lie to me
The truth hurts
But dishonesty hurts worse
In my humble opinion
Queen of Hell

5 comments on “IMHO

  1. Very well said. It’s very difficult when you’ve believed in someone only to be let down. It stings. ((Hug))

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