The Cove

Madness Addict Brings You

It was a perfect day for going to the beach.  She knew of a spot where she could go, no tourists, no locals either.  It was a secluded little cove, not too far from from civilization but far enough to be private.


She headed out with her standard day at the beach supplies, chair, bag and cooler. Down the rocky embankment and out onto the warm sand she went.  The sun was just beginning to warm the morning.  This will be glorious, she thought as she set up camp.

The chair was unfolded and facing the sun.  Cooler placed behind it to keep it shaded.  From her bag she took out the towel, closer to a blanket in size, and spread it on the sand.  Next a slight slathering of tanning oil, her back was hard to get but she did her best.  She wiped her hands on the edge…

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