Enter the Monster

From whence he came, we know not, only that days and months, eras and aeons have passed since his rebirth into our world.  Following a trail of darkness and chocolate chip cookies left by those of us that dwell here, Mikey Monster has found his way to The Twisted Path with a tale. Settle in and listen to the story He has to tell……



The scream I can never give voice to shall now be transmogrified into an action. The action I can never quite complete shall now be voiced in the heavens for everyone to hear. As I move forward to what certainly must be my doom I can only thank my Sisters and their sisters for giving me the opportunity to redeem myself with this one last altruistic act. As I stand upon the ledge looking down into an abyss of darkness I can see that one speck of light so faint that the eye might miss it in it’s faint glimmer. Now I ready myself. Steeling my nerves I prepare for that last leap into… Immortality? Stupidity? Hopeful solace of the damned? Whatever. This is what has been called for. This is what shall be. I don’t leap. I power dive off my perch aiming for that faint light ready for the last battle with him,(it).

Hurling down I see nothing around me. Falling for what might be parsecs or light years I gain a new appreciation for what a infinitesimal creature I really am. How brazen and perhaps foolhardy my actions are. No help for it now . I’m committed. Landing with barely a sound I see that my nemesis is more than prepared for my arrival. “You fool. How dare you presume to disturb my supper.” He growls at me as he drops what can only be sacrilege to eat for us mere mortals. I’ve never been good with introductions or any kind of formal manners so I open with my two favourite axes. Throwing them both with that slow, almost sleepy over hand toss guaranteed to find it’s mark every time. Nothing . They disappear into the night .


Damn. Those were blessed by The Sisters. No help for it now. “Do you really believe that mere steel can harm me?” The enemy spoke in a condescending tone that rankled and angered me in it’s tone and dismissive attitude. “Yes, in the end you will fall by my blade for your trespasses against my Sisters.” I pull my short sword. Silver and honed to a point where it’s edge disappears in a gleam. “Now face me coward. Come to me like a warrior. Not like the pathetic worm who invaded my Sisters demises and stole away with so much. You’ll pay for it tonight.” Striding forward I finally am rewarded with a glimpse of the man who took so much from so many who would have given twice as much if asked.

The figure rose above me. His height immense making me feel like a child going against a fabled giant. None the less it’s time. Moving like a lightning bolt his arm flashes out striking my face with a numbing blow. The blood begins to flow. Feeling that familiar and quite welcome calm rage I advance with daggers borrowed from a special Sister for just this occasion I start to weave my deadly spell of rage and anger. Striking fast and repeatedly my blades unerringly find their mark time and time again. My foe falters and looks bewildered. “You can’t” he husks out as the enormity of those few quick thrusts begin to take effect. “I can, I have and I’m going to do it again!” I smile as I first bury my right blade high in his rib cage while the left finds a home in his upper thigh right at the vein. Leaving the best steel I’ve ever worked with in his faltering body I pull my sword again this time dancing to the song of death. •yet not for you Monster mine• comes a sound from all around me.

Dancing in and out I slice and dance at an even more furious pace hoping to leave pieces of this inhumane brute for whatever carrion eaters this dark place hides. The battle rage settling in like a cloak of the finest weave… I’m frozen. My enemy down and obviously dying from many cuts yet still breathing. Am I? Nothing is happening. What manner of foul sorcery is this? I struggle harder in some invisible shell imprisoning me. “STOP!!! Cease!!! Monster!!! Desist!!!” It’s my Sisters. They appear all around me not looking pleased as they surround my frozen body. I stop. One can not struggle against their combined might and force of will. Not if they wish to walk away. “What are you doing here? Did you bring snacks?” Hoping to at least cut down the looks of anger and worse. The sorrow on their faces I attempt a little distraction. Not a sound. Nor a smile. I’m in big trouble this time. “Yes, you are in big trouble. Yes we are most vexed with your actions this time. You go too far Monster.” The incrimination strikes me like a physical blow. Harder than the strike my fallen enemy could have ever dealt. “Always you let anger run you to actions that make you act in an unseemly manner. Never looking at what was done or why. Now matters are grave indeed. You have just struck down Death!! Bad Monster!! Back home with you!!” The sounds of their voices carry me back to the keep. Back to my dungeon. Back home to my Sisters. Back where I’m all at once Master and Slave. Something tells me I have a lot to make up for… Again.

Mikey Monster


The Orphan Killer 2: Bound x Blood coming this summer



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    From whence he came, we know not, only that days and months, eras and aeons have passed since his rebirth into our world. Following a trail of darkness and chocolate chip cookies left by those of us that dwell here, Mikey Monster has found his way to The Twisted Path with a tale to tell

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