Body Bliss

Suggested Musical Accompaniment

I stand at the window, the opaque red curtains blowing in the night air, pressing their meagre weight against my bare flesh, moulding against it. The breeze is delicious, like chilled hands running over my body, teasing my nipples til they stand taut. The fire burns inside me, throbbing like a wounded beast striving for its end, making me gasp as I run my fingers against my clit. I’m thinking of you, the images conjured behind my eyes bringing a jolt of pleasure with each passing moment, slow moments pushing me closer to release. I can almost feel your breath on my neck, the implied warmth of your body rising a wave of pleasure that screams through my veins. I feel the release as it breaks, my muscles thrumming as wetness bursts forth when you touch me. I’m afraid for a moment, I thought I was alone, and find I like it, and crave more.

You rub my shoulders, your rough hands soothing as they travel down the long length of my spine, moulding them to the form of my ass before sliding back up, and around to cup my breasts. The touches ignite the small flame into a roaring fire animal, clawing its way free. Pinching my nipples as your lips caress my skin, stopping to linger on the tattoo on my shoulder.


Still sensitive, I shiver and attempt to pull away, an effort halted before it begins. Your hand finds my throat, gripping it firmly, the other hand slipping down my abdomen and across my mound of Venus pushing my hand away and settling on my clit. You aren’t gentle, turning into a demon with the sweet somethings you are whispering into my ear, all the things you wil do to me, making me gasp for air, in pleasure and anticipation as you strum the tender nub.

I lean into you, placing my arms over my head and around your neck as you pull me hard against you, breath heavy on my neck as your hand finds my sopping pussy, roughly shoving two fingers inside me and hammering as I hoped you’d do with your dick soon. I rock my hips against your hand, breathing fast as I begin to shiver. I cum in an explosion, monaing as I drench your fingers. Your grip on my throat relaxes and I gasp as your pull your digits free.

Turning around, I press my self against you, and feel your arms close around me as I stare up into your green eyes, barely visible through the soft cotton mask you wear. “Hi. You’re back early,” I whisper, reaching up to lick your lips and you shake your head, leaning away. You point to the floor and I raise my eyebrow, a slow smile curving my lips as I shake my head and take your hand. You follow without a word, openly watching my progress with blazing eyes that move all over my back and behind. I stand you in front of the lazyboy, and push you backawrds into it, before placing my knees on either side of your hip, raking your hair with my nails.


I can feel your arousal through your jeans and wriggle against it, relishing the way its length feels against my fold. Still you don’t touch me and I feel a frenzy building in my centre as I lean down , my long hair covering our faces and take your lower lip in my teeth with a low growl. I feel you twitch beneath me as I begin to suck on your lip, my tongue tracing the inner length and probing to gain entry, desperate for your touch and becoming frustrated. I lean back and stare at you, before smiling and sliding off of your lap, letting my breasts trail down your chest and feeling the jersey of your shirt tug at my hard nipples. Pulling your belt free, I tear open the button and slide the zipper open, placing my hand over the swaddled erection and hear your sharp intake of breath.

Sitting back on my heels, I invite you to unsheath your beast and you snarl at me, coming at me from your seated position and grabbing my throat kissing me hard, while yanking down your pants. I grasp in my fist, fingers overlapping but a little and begin to move my hand up and down and feeling it grow harder yet in my hand. Your hand finds my hair and you pull it gently, tilting my head back and biting at my colllarbone. Lightening bolts of pleasure send shivers through by body as I feel your lips on my breast, sucking hard on the nipple and making me gasp. I hold your head tighter to me as I increase speed on my movements. “Stop.” and I do at the tone of your voice, a little afraid and exhilerated as well.

You rise to your feet, still with your hand in my hair, and pull my towards your member, forcing it into my willing mouth with a groan. It’s hot length makes my mouth water and I devour it, tightening my lips around the shaft as I take you deep. while gently massaging your balls and scratching lightly. Dragging my teeth along the shaft I pull back, I flatten my tongue against it, the feeling of it slide and pull slightly along the contures until your tip is just inside my lips. Back and forth, in and out, I lick and suck your raging arousal like a lollipop and your moans of pleasure do litle more than encourage, relishing the way you are fucking my mouth with abandon.

“Stand up” I flick my eyes up to you, and bite down slightly, enjoying the fleshy feeling between my teeth. You yank my hair, forcing me to my feet before scooping me up in your arms and striding to the bedroom. THe room is dark, the red walls look like they are bleeding in the candlelight as you place me on the bed and tear off your shirt. The look in your eyes excites me and I back up slightly as they narrow, your tongue slipping out to lick your lips with an expression that makes me feel like food. Slowly you climb on the bed, your hands running up my thighs to my waist and pressing hard against the small of my back, pulling me closer before dipping to lap at my pleasure centre, making me shiver. I feel my lower lips swelling with the fluids of my desire as your tongue dances along my folds, and you delve inside me, once, twice and all the way in as i draw in a breath before pulling your head tigher against my honeypot.


I writhe in your hand, rocking my hips agasint your mouth as you torture my clit ruthlessly, and insert your fingers inside me, fucking me as you lave my sensiteve button until I scream and cum, and fill your mouth with my pleasure. You don’t stop and my body begins to shake as you tease my ruder spot with your thumb as you thrust harder, nearly voilently, growling as you pinch my clit. “cum. Now” You snarl, biting down gently and inserting a third finger inside. I explode again, my breath gasping in my lungs as you give a final thrust and pull your hand away.

A chuckle from under your breath draws me out of my bliss and I open my eyes to find you looming over me, caught by the intense green gaze as you lift your hand to peel off the mask. I shake my head, wrapping my long legs around your waist as I wrap my arms around your neck, “leave it on,” I whisper, rising to nip at your throat, “I like it.” Agreement comes as you push your presigious rod into my hollow, making me squirm in delight at the feeling of it caressing my inner walls, making them flutter as it fills my emptiness delicously. I rise up against you, feeling your arms around my waist bringing me closer as you bury yourself inside me to the hilt, resting in my sheath.


Tenderly, you press your lips to mine, holding me close as you withdraw from my core, the wetness gushing from my folds as you nearly pull out and drive forward again, and again, your arms holding me tightly. I feel a crescendo building, each time you thrust into me I feel it rise, and I use my nails to claw at your back, digging deeper each time. Each entry is full force, and you let go of me and grasp my nipples, pulling hard and making me scream in pain and pleasure. “Stand up” your voice is rough and full of gravel as you tear off the mask, causing a silver tingle of delight as I slide off the bed and stand before you, my inner thighs glistening in the moonlight. You lead me to the couch, and fold me over the edge before holding my hips and impaling me yet again with your member, hammering hard and fast. Moaning I tease my clit, feeling my climax rushing at me like a cannonball as you pummel my body, I feel you stiffen, and your hot cum bounces off my inner walls. It’s more than I can bear and I cum moments later, screaming your name as I grind against your groin, desperate to ride it through.

I stand up, with you still inside me, and shaking from the force of the orgasm as you kiss my neck murmering promises of more, and I smile as you grow hard within me once again.




The Orphan Killer 2: Bound x Blood coming this summer


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