A Poet’s River Runs




There is a place inside the heart

Where a poet’s river runs.

From the beginning of first breath

Raging waters have begun.


This place is of beauty.

What a sight to see,

Teeming with glorious prose,

Spilling out continuously.


The stirrings of the heart,

The wonder of words;

They combine together here,

Like rapids to the shore.




Youth brings VIGOR,

Hurriedness to live life.

Waters become stagnate,

The flow only slight.


Till one day, with the rising of the Sun;

You remember those waters, the beauty of that place,

And say to yourself,

“Do I have what it takes?”


To pick up pen and paper,

Reach deep inside,

To stir those stagnate waters

Slowly bring back LIFE.


As you begin the way back,

To where a poet’s river runs,

Be thankful for the journey,

All things must be renewed

The water helps cleanse you,

Your passion pulls you through.




5 comments on “A Poet’s River Runs

    • Thank you Gayle…*blush* your words touch my heart and mean so much to me. Much love 2u #sistermine

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