Honeyed agony

Suggested Musical Accompaniment


The thoughts keep swirling

around in my brain

a demented mind movie

behind my eyes

Torture and sweetness

They make me want to howl

Honeyed agony

Kill me now



Feign indifference

It’s turned to ice

Burning inside

Can’t melt the shell

No matter how hot

the Flame burns


It was for me

Harshly, it was

Now muzzled and bound

Propriety for Propriety’s sake

Clipped wings

An eagle can’t soar

I fucking hate it

Swallow it back

Choke it down


Over and over

Bloody droplets

From a slow leak, slice

Drowning in the air

I want to scream

I need to rage

I want to plunge

The Knife and Kill it

Put it to rest

Hold it close

Cherish and adore

Loathe to Love



Stupid Heart

Just die already

Big girls don’t cry

Its weakness

Its useless

Wasted emotion

Precious fluids

It’s human

I don’t want to be anymore.


Death Maiden



The Orphan Killer 2: Bound x Blood coming this summer


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