Anticipation by Amber McCrea


It seems like I’ve been waiting forever. Actually it’s only been a few mere weeks, just feels so much longer. Anticipation has slowly built, even moreso over the last week and as the hour draws ever so near, I become more anxious and begin to pace the hotel room floor. The excitement of finally being face to face with him is almost overwhelming. We’ve talked about this so many times and he always tells me not to worry, that it’ll all be fine. Easy for him to say. He never seems to be nervous about anything.

The path to the door is starting to wear thin as I continuously pace back and forth. I look through the peephole yet again nothing. So I walk away again and sit down on the far side of the room. Just as Im making myself comfortable, the long awaited knock on the door breaks the dead silence of the room. My heart skips a beat as I slowly stand and begin making my way to the door. I stop for one last glance in the mirror before proceeding to make sure everything is just right. I continue to the door and pause just before opening to peek out the peephole. I see him looking down the hall and my heart feels as if it will literally burst out of my chest. I slowly open the door and as soon as I see him face to face for the first time, the rest of the world literally melts away. He smiles at me, walks in the door and pulls me in for a long awaited, tight embrace.


The anticipation and anxiousness of that long awaited moment takes my breath away. My knees are weak and I feel as if I might pass out. He releases me and puts his luggage away before turning back to me flashing that gorgeous smile. He asks if I’m still nervous and I simply nod my head. He walks over to me, pulling me into his arms whispering softly in my ear “We’ve waited a long time for this, haven’t we?” Again I nod my head and cling to him even tighter. His strong hands massage my back as he pulls me to him so that I can feel his entire body pressed firmly against mine. His head is nuzzled in my neck and I can feel him breath in deeply before he whispers in my ear about how good I smell. He pulls away and looks at me and gently, but forcefully pushes me down to sit in a nearby chair. He straddles my legs and begins to deeply massage my shoulders, asking how it feels. I cant even respond….so overwhelmed by everything that is happening. I reach up to his waist and run my hands as far up his back as possible before trailing back down and grabbing his firm buttocks and squeezing. I run my hands around his waist and over his stomach and he begins to push himself closer to me.

Underneath his shirt my hands go this time. Across his well defined abs and up even further to his chest. Back down to his waist and around his hips as he continues to push himself closer to me. His arousal is now very obvious and I slide my hands across his bulging manhood and gently squeeze. No longer able to withstand it, I slip my hands inside both of his waistbands pushing them down so that I can see the part of him that I have longed for. A gasp escapes my lips as I touch his hard cock for the first time, stroking it in both my hands. His fist grabs my hair as I take him into my mouth, flicking my tongue around his swollen head before tracing the veins that run down his shaft. Back and forth, up and down, all around…hearing him moan low under his breath excites me and I take him fully into my mouth. I begin to caress his balls while taking him deeper into my mouth, pulling hard on his enlarged manhood with a sudden urgency. He reaches down into the top of my dress, releasing my breast from its constraints, massaging it as I continue to suck his cock.

Unable to stand it any longer, he pushes me away, pulling me up into a standing position. He turns me around with my back to him and slides his hands under my dress and between my legs. He rubs his hands over my silk panties and presses himself firmly against me. He slips his fingers inside and growls low at the wetness he finds there. He forcefully pushes them down and bends me over the chair, sliding his hard, thick cock between my legs and rubbing it against my wet pussy. Grabbing my hand, he guides it to his cock and tells me to put it where I want it. I press it hard against me and rub, slightly parting my lips so that his manhood is rubbing against my very swollen and sensitive clit. He whispers to me about how good it feels and then using both our hands, he guides himself inside my warmth.

Black And White by Stefan Kuhn
Black And White by Stefan Kuhn

This is the moment we have both waited for and we both gasp at the pleasure that first thrust brings to us. He thrusts in and out for several minutes before standing me up without pulling out and guiding me to the bed. He release himself from me and pushes me face down over the side of the bed, arms extended above my head, flat on the bed. He removes the remainder of his clothing and then slides his cock back deep inside of me. Slow and easy, then hard and fast….leaning down to me he whispers again about incredible it feels and he’s not ready to cum yet because he doesn’t want it to end. He begins to thrust his hardened member deep inside of me again and suddenly pulls out and positions himself in front of me forcing his cock in my mouth. I pull him deep in my mouth and suck hard on his cock until his climax explodes in my mouth.

And this was just the beginning of things yet to come……

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3 comments on “Anticipation

  1. (((Awhoooo)))
    Howling at the Fucking Moon
    erotic perfection wanting more…
    Thank you for the hard start to the weekend 😉

  2. Well just hot hot hot!! Freakin love it…very sensual, erotic and so juicy! Well done sis..I can’t wait for more!!

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