Think Again

straps 2

I can’t believe this
he did it again
He thinks he’s under my radar
well he’s wrong
When will he fuckin learn?
I can’t keep doing this
or there won’t be anything left
I’m gonna have to figure out
a new way to approach this
already taken off one leg
and the other foot
maybe just a finger or two
that’s the ticket!
Goddammit he’s loud!
little bit of duct tape
will fix that situation
he has such nice eyes
maybe I should keep them
but not yet
he needs to see what I do
so he will learn
Fuck…he’s a strong one
these straps barely hold him down
Good thing I paid extra
for the thicker ones
He moves around a lot
I only had to sedate him
These pruning shears
will work nicely I think
Hold still!!
Oh come on, really?
It didn’t hurt that bad
I’m sure
you’re eyes are bout to
pop out of your head
it was just a finger!
I could take something else off
…next time
or will there be a next time?
You should hope not
I bet you will think hard
before you try that again
won’t you?
that’s what I thought
one more I think
oh now…
don’t look at me that way
this is nothing
compared to what you did to me
now you remember me
I thought so
hold still
this wont’ hurt
I promise



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