Queen of Hell – The Dark One

Dusk has come, slithering across the land in ripples of formless mists that devour each and every morsel of light that exists, much to my pleasure. Night’s other face is offensive to my eyes, leaving me seething and wishing to slay the beams that come from Light’s smile. Relief is mine as I am enveloped by the ravenous darkness, filled and fulfilled by the dropping of Night’s inky cloak. The river where I bathe in the last ravages of the day has turned to blood, its scent stoking the fire that burns deep within me to feed, and Feed if should find a Prey worthy of my attentions.

Rowan sits aside the river’s edge, her watchful eyes observing me at my routine as she speaks of the ritual I must observe in a night’s time, having been present upon my return from the Realm of My Sister in Devotion. I was summoned by my Brother, He who Reaps, to soothe and assist my Sister, whose cruel heart was in danger of shattering. He spoke to me of a ritual, a sacrifice and a bloodletting, of a bone bowl and the imbibing of the lifewaters of an unbeliever. A most important Journey, for Her, for us all. I was left confused and in despair of my Sister’s sanity, for she was split in two over the possibility of losing the child of her heartsblood.

My offering as this Child took her first steps into her new life was to provide the perfect Prey, one whose blood will complete the ritual and make the Demon she wears about her neck in a specially created bottle unnecessary. The idea makes my blood boil in pride, and my mind wars with my desires. I am ravenous, and need to feed, Feed and find myself forbidden. This displeases me intensely, and my Brother cares not, laying his own Scythe aside the soft flesh of my throat and extracting a promise that this Prey was not to be sent to the Clearing, but rather brought to them for proper disposal. I took my leave snarling in his bony face, and after embracing my Sister, murmuring words to soothe the seething in her soul.


Rowan was tending the Fire Animal as I reappeared in my Place of Peace, glancing up as the air shimmered before her, and tossing me back into my world. “Greetings Brutal One,” she spoke, in her quiet way, her hand curving around the swelling of her belly, protective and with delight lighting her lovely face. I do not understand her nature, her desire to grow life within her body, although the Light that grows within her is of some power and illuminates her from within, turning her from merely pretty into a beautiful Creature that bears no description.

She suggests a journey to the river, where I may bathe as she explains my Brother’s predicament and its importance to the child Kieran. So much was becoming clear in my mind, the importance of this Journey now clear as the darkened glass He uses to Summon me to him. I nod as I peel the fabric that covers my bonecover from my body, feeling the cooling air on my flesh as I stand bare as the day I was made in the failing light. The water is as ice to my hot skin, sending ripples along my nerve endings and rising a delicious chill along the contours of my body. Rowan is acting oddly, her voice distracted, and I glance over my shoulder to see her staring at a small gathering of trees further down the way the river flows.

She tells me of her suspicions, that she senses another close by, for what purpose I know not and nor does she. She rises to her feet, awkwardly gaining her height as she wades in the river, to hand me another one of her concoctions, calling it Soap and instructing me how to use it before turning back to the shore. A Creature stalks nearby, moving silently in the deepening shadows. I feel the gaze as I lower myself into the crimson water, using the nose-wrinkling and fragrant Soap to wash the thick brimstone sent from my flesh and hair.


“Sister, Friend, this Creature confuses me,” she mildly says, caressing her swollen middle as she observes me, “He is sent her by your Brother. May I suggest caution?” She dares much, making her concerns known in such a way, and I stare at her, my unnatural blues holding hers none to delicately. As is her way, she simply stares back, unblinking in my regard until I nod my understanding and dive beneath the water’s flow to rinse the displeasing smell away.

I resurface to find her holding Scythe close, Her lovely limb snug against the enclosure of her child, and her lips close to Her Lovely Blade as Scythe rumbles, croons back to her, mimicking her words. I rise from the bloody water, my body running with tiny streams from my soaked curls, each rivulet painting lines in the gloaming. The Creature still observes, making no move to show himself, to make his presence known to me, he in my Place, an intruder on my space of silence. Mine eyes slither over the land, and rattling leaves announce his shift in weight from the way the river flows, bare moments after my gaze touched the small gathering of Trees. I reach behind me, my unnatural blues holding attentive on the greenery as I pull my hair over the raised markings of Bottles bite, feeling them grow warm in spite of the bloody water flowing from my damp curls. Lesson learned and never again.

Scythe mutters and muses, Her voice a low hum, barely a vibration and I am confused by this, concerned and yet intrigued by the change in Her demeanour, this definitely not the norm. Rowan’s eyes widen as I step onto the shore, and stride to her side, pointing to the fallen Tree that lay on the sand, and taking Scythe from her hands. I hear footsteps, deliberate and heavy from behind me, and I slide my hands down Scythe’s lovely stalk, turning and slicing the air in front of the Creature. Not a move he makes, only holds my eyes with his own, expressionless but for a raised eyebrow as he takes in my appearance and Rowan beyond me.


Had Rowan conjured another spell to forbid me to cause fear? I turn to glare at her, silently demanding explanation. This Creature only stands, watching and waiting. Why does he not run before me? I am Fear. He walks towards me slowly, hands at his sides and I bristle at the audacity he shows. “I was summoned to you,” he speaks low to my ears, “your Brother’s Request. You are aware of the reason?” Clarity dawns in my mind with the dark colours of a stormy night. This is The Dark One Rowan had warned me off, sent from my Brother, perhaps to ensure that I kept my word, perhaps to assist. Only time would tell.

Rowan sighs her dismay, and I turn to her, concerned. She smiles her quiet smile, and shakes her head. “He is to assist. Not all Creatures come bearing ill will,” she says, turning, still holding Scythe to her breast, to begin her short Journey to my dwelling, “come now. Feliks waits.”

Her flippant remark has me seething, slightly, and musing on how perhaps Rowan required another lesson in propriety. This Creature has stepped closer to me, the implied gesture of kinship has me wary, and I meet his eyes, holding them as I probe his mind with my unnatural blues and deem him as Rowan says. Yet something has me remain cautious, perhaps his bearing, or his lack of Fear. Rowan’s words come back to my mind, ringingly calling “He is sent her by your Brother. May I suggest caution?”


He steps forward, standing now before me, a strange smile upon his lips as he holds his hand out, “I am…..The Dark One.  I am pleased to meet someone who has such power and tenderness. May I take your hand and kiss it ?”  I take her hand and kiss it, not waiting for an answer, letting the tip of my tongue feel and taste her flesh.  As my cold breath runs over her knuckles, her heart beats a little faster “ May I walk with you? As I wish to see around the grounds?”  I ask,  looking deep into her eyes,  willing her say yes, Sir.

She nods her agreement, and as we walk I begin to tell her that I am not as bad has everyone is making out, that I have a very soft side to me, especially where ladies are concerned. She is silent but glances up at me from the corner of her eye as I continue talking.

Deeper into the grounds we walk, still a small distance from her home,  as it starts to get a little dimmer. Dark clouds start to rise from the distant skies and small drops of rain start to fall. I stop with a smile on my face, locking my eyes on hers,  looking deep as the passion grows, reaching to hold her hand and slowly moving it back and forth in a circular motion. Her breath quickens as my eyes continue to hold her gaze, her breath coming faster, and I can’t help notice her heaving breasts as the pulse increases in her veins.


A bright flash of light blinds me as thunder crashes around us. The heavens open up, turning the skies dark and  filling the clouds with total blackness as the rain grows heavier and heavier.

We run for cover still holding hands and finding a clearing deep within the woodland, both of us soaked to the skin in the heavy rain.  I drop my hand, walking away as  I  remove my top,  feeling her eyes as they look me over with hunger and lust.  I let her look, then call her closer.  She slowly walks over, her gaze raging with passion and stoking the fire as she licks her lips and steps close to lick mine and press her body hard against mine.


I hold her close, her hands moving over my chest and feeling the muscles tighten under her touch as  my own hands move across her flesh.  Grabbing her hair and kissing her hard, I feel her growl as I wrap it around my hand, I pull her head back with brutal force.  Her throat is exposed now, and I bite hard into her neck just below the big vein, feeling her warmth fill my mouth as she claws at my face then shoving me away. Her skin tears under my teeth, spraying blood from her neck straight into my face.  I opened my mouth wide, drinking her blood down as it filled my mouth then like a flash I bite her breast, digging deep and ripping the mouthful of soft flesh free before spitting it into the dirt. She screams, pressing a hand to her neck and chest, showing me her teeth.  Having had my fill, I throw her to the ground, laughing as I let the rain wash me clean.


**continued Queen of Hell – Maiden’s Wrath http://wp.me/p4FERj-lD


A Death Maiden, Tortured Soul and Queen of Hell Collaboration
A Death Maiden, Tortured Soul and Queen of Hell Collaboration



The Orphan Killer 2: Bound x Blood coming this summer





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