The Soul Snatchers By Melissas Dark Angel


The Soul Snatchers By Melissas Dark Angel

…the four of Us fallen and cursed beings

Made a pact to follow Our Master’s plans

To go to the old Witch’s house where, dirty souls partied

Had gruesome sex and made believe they were Satan’s minions

Little did they know, We were watching their every step

Could smell the rot of their scent

This infuriated Us.

It was a dark and stormy night

Thunder vibrated our bodies and the lightning lit Our amber eyes

Bloodshed was about to be Ours

To please Our own desires and, of course,

Our Master

We came across the path that lead to the Witch’s house

Smelling the filth on their breath, how We longed for a killzone

….a girl came out, stumbling,  and was surprised to see Azazel

He could smell her fear,  the pot smoke on her torn dress

He lunged for her, gripping her throat and dragging her to the tree

That dripped crimson

Hazel Billingsley
Hazel Billingsley

Oh how he loved,  how her heart beat so fast,

He licked her top lip and tore it like a pitbull in a fight

Sucked her dirty soul

Gained his power, which made him howl.

Next Belial, waiting for his feast.

A boy,  pissing as he walked

The smell of his urine, bloody and foul, like sin

Belial spoke, in a young girls voice,

help me

The boy came to the tree

He was ripped by the pain of his face being clawed off

What delight this was to Our dark one


Belial kissed what was left of his face

Inhaled his soul with pleasure as

Amy and Zozo ran

ransacking the Witch’s house to taste the souls


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