Oh what you do to me

driving me out to rage

In the rain, Heavens pelting

Hurling stinging needles

Soaking my cigarette

Its tip fizzling in the damp

O fury, my constant companion

That you never abandon me

A devilish threesome, temptation

You draw me to the brink


From Walking the Path

to owning it, slicing and dicing

Thrusting and twisting my blade

Scythe, talons, teeth

As the coyotes yip yip in the distance

On the other side of the fence

Their mouths full of lethal daggers

Glistening in the wet reflections

Eyes red and rabid, foaming

Nightmares or cuddly puppies

A scream rends the air

Bends the air, disrupts the

Bats in the trees, how they flutter

Furry butterflies

Stark against the moon

edit red eyes

Scream, scream again

Pealing like a siren

Red hot icepick to my brain

 I drive it into my eye

Scrambling the membrane

Its insane

Thrust, swirl, baked mind

It cooks on the tip

Howl, broken voice

Shattered and singing

A horribly beautiful aria

Bubble, gurgle

Choke on your blood

Air screaming from the hole

I made in your chest


Lick your lips, your tears

Suck the crimson fluid from your tongue

Drink you, drain you dry

Breathe you


You taste like Spring

Green and bourgeoning death

Treacle pie with bloodsauce

You taste like new love

Fear and lust

Cinnamon and honey

Reverie broken

The rain stopped

So did he


Death Maiden


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