Different Worlds

I walk with you in the green fields

The tall grass wickering, waving

My hand in yours

The sky so blue, the sun so bright

My shoulders kissed by the sun, were it your lips

Quench my thirst in your eyes

The sounds of birds, their song so calm

Angels take flight! Their dusty plumage alight

Wonders found, sparkling motes


The beauty of the world in my embrace

Where all is right and good, in your arms

Night is falling my love, creatures to bed

Forever in my dreams

Dreams are real, aren’t we here?

In a world of our Creation

The sound of our silent conversation,

More intimate than a brush of your palm on my cheek

Whispering in the fading light


Remembered, replayed, in the nights to come

Memories gathered, a wildflower bouquet

A sensory symphony

Even now, as we walk side by side

I awaken to my nightmare

To find you are still gone from me

Until the phantasy breaks, and I fade again


Death Maiden

Death Maiden



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