Deadly Maze of Life by Amanda Fackler

You are left to wander this path alone.


Scared and fumbling in the dark, no one to help you,


Feeling your way through the twist and turns, blinded by the darkness.


Not knowing which way is out.


You turn down a path, there is chainsaw welding men laughing and bloody waiting for you to fall. His chainsaw barely catches your arm, nicking you blood begins to seep through the small wound. You turn round and round in the darkness not knowing where to go. Finally you decide to just run, hoping for the best.


A path appears before you, bathed in an eerie red light. You start down the path thankful for the light, even a dim red one. You stumble upon dead branches and leaves that feel like hands reaching out to grab you. You scream and take off running. Half way down you see a clown who waits with daggers for nails, a blood dripping heart in his hand. His last victim lies on the ground, thrown there like a rag doll in a puddle of her own blood. You just know he wants to do the same to you. He drops the heart and races toward you. You hear it sounds like a women screaming. Its only when you hear the silence again you realize it was you.


Dashing off into the pitch black, your hands out in front of you trying to search for something anything. You turn and run trying to feel your way through. You find another opening. You go down the path. It’s even darker than the rest, you didn’t know it could get any darker. Running for your life, you turn again, not knowing where you are going or where you came from.


You feel leaves and thorns biting against your hands, you feel a warmth trickle down your arm. A strobe light flashes ahead of you, you try to slow and make your way towards it. Slowing your pace being cautious of what might lay in wait ahead of you. Then you see it a man in a mask with an axe whose eyes appear to be all black. He is about to bring the axe down on someone you can’t see… you move closer, trying to hide in the shadows,  not wanting to be seen. A big busted blonde women, scantily clad and covered in blood laying before him. He swings his bloody axe and misses, hitting the ground beside her. You brush up against the dead leave of the bush behind you, they hear and both peer at you through the darkness, you turn to run. They are quick to follow, it’s no use, you cannot see where you are going. A large object lays across the path and you trip and fall over it. You know they are right behind you. You try to stand but your legs buckles under you. The fall over the object has broken something. You lay there bloody and broken, resign to the fact you will surely die here.

The Orphan Killer and babysister Diane Foster

 You try to scream but no sound comes out. You hear the masked man and the women getting closer. You lay there crying, trembling, scared, fearing you will die here alone at the hands of these two bloody killers coming after you. You hear their footsteps growing closer and closer. You realize they are taking their time to get to you. Your mind starts racing.


Your first thought is that it was a vine that your tripped over, but then, maybe it was some kind of trap that they have set up to get new victims. Your mind races with the many possibilities of what you have fallen over. You reach out in the darkness trying to feel for what tripped you. It is impossible to find it. The footsteps are closing in on you now. There is no getting out of this. You are surely going to die. You curl up and pray to die before they find you. Anything would be better than dying at the hand of the masked man with the axe. You can’t think of anything but what it will be like to die. You hear voices, you know this is the end. You scream out for them to hurry up and just kill you already. Not wanting your mind to think any more, it comes up with the worse way possible to die. You close your eyes and wait for death to fall upon you, but it never comes.


You wait for what seems like forever before opening your eyes again, trying to look through the black velvet of the sky. You see nothing, it is now oddly quiet,  you no longer hear the voices. A blue light flashes before you. It’s then you notice the man standing in front of you. You try to speak again nothing come out but a squeak.

Matt Farnsworth
Matt Farnsworth

You see a man covered in blood walking towards you, you’re scared at first. Then you look up and the first thing you notice is his piercing blue eyes. You stare at them dazed,  forgetting where you are. You start to look him up and down unable to believe what you are seeing.  There before you is a well-muscled man, arms tattooed, a floppy Mohawk and piercing blue eyes. You are so taken back by what you see, all you can do is just stare. You notice the rest of his well-toned bod,y as you now notice he stand before you naked. The only thing covering him is the blood splashed across his skin. He puts his hand out to you. Not hesitating you take it. You don’t know why out here in the chaos and madness you trust this man with your life even though he is bloody. You don’t know why but maybe it’s his eyes.


“Hey baby, you look like you are having a cruel day. Do you need some help?” The blue-eyed bloody angel says to you in his sexy voice.


Stuttering you say to him, “Yyyyyyeessssss, my leg seems to be broken.”


He looks at you giving you the full view of his deep blue eyes and say in a sexy nonchalant way, “No problem baby girl, I got you.”


The sexy mystery man bends down and picks you up, being gentle of your broken leg. You wrap your arms around him, overcome by the power of his eyes, willing to go anywhere with him. Willing to follow him to the end of the Earth just to look in those beautiful blue pools of his eyes. He stands up with you in his arms, cradled safety against his warm skin. He starts to carry you towards the direction of the blue light. You begin to say something, trying to ask where he is taking you. He puts his finger to your lips stopping the words.


He looks you in the eyes letting you feel the true power of his baby blues.


“Don’t worry baby girl, your always safe with Mad King Matt.” It sounds almost like a whisper as he says it in your ear.


You feel his lips brush against your ear and sigh. You cuddle closer to him trying to get closer to him, try to feel his warm and pull it into you. He walks toward the blue light holding you. You close your eyes wanting to soak up the feeling of being recused by your blue-eyed savior.


You hear a noise in the distance it sounds like buzzing, you can’t make it out. You listen closer and the sound gets louder and louder. You finally open your eyes, blinking you look around and see you are in your bedroom. You rub your eyes and realize it was all a horrible dream. Was it really that horrible though you think, remembering the sexy blue-eyed man who rescued you. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all, but who is this man you wonder. You spend the next hour lying in bed trying to remember your hero.


Was it really all just a dream you wonder, it felt so real. You lay down and hope that the next time you fall asleep, you dream about your sexy blue-eyed hero saving you again. Realizing all the scary, bad parts are worth it if your just get to see him one more time.


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 “The character Marcus is based on Matt Farnsworth’s character The Orphan Killer” All rights reserved”




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