Dragon by Sam Boutin


Allow me to introduce my son, Sam Boutin.  He is  12 and is a constant source of pride to his father and I. He also has Asperger’s Syndrome, and has struggled with the written word since the first time he grasped a crayon. Years of work has brought us to this place. He  wrote this piece at school. This marks a significant leap in his abilities.

I am so proud to share with you, his first foray into the world in which we create and reinvent ourselves everyday.  Please, feast your eyes upon Dragon

Death Maiden



In a kingdom as big as the eye can see, there was a man named Leonidas. Leonidas was the King’s greatest warrior and mage in the land.

He had friends and a great family. Everybody liked him. He was happy as he walked around he kingdom with the King, as protection, a normal day for him, and he thought nothing could go wrong…but little did he know everything was about to change.

Meanwhile, in a cave, there was a devious man named Vlatidor, and he hated Leonidas because everybody liked him. He matched Leonidas’ power and skills, and felt he got nothing, so he hatched a plan. He mind controlled a dragon, and with the power in his hands, he ordered the dragon to destroy the kingdom.

Suddenly Leonidas heard an ear-splitting roar and huge wing beats that shook the largest houses. Leonidas readied his sword for battle but he was in shock as a gigantic Hydra blasted down to the ground and crushed a house nearby.

Leonidas watched as the soldiers chopped the beast’s heads off, but they didn’t know that when you chop a Hydra’s head off it grows two more to replace it. Now the Hydra had 6 heads and it decimated all of the soldiers as their blood splattered all over the burnt down houses.

As he watched his friends and family die, he had had enough. He charged at the evil creature but it swept him back and bent to bite him, and then Leonidas blacked out.


He struggled to get up when he realized everything was gone, including his leg, and dragged himself to what was left of the blacksmith’s shop. He found a mechanical leg on the floor, and thought “Just what I need,” and tried to put it on. Finally he managed and stood up, taking a walk to look for survivors. He searched and searched until he came to his senses, knowing there was no one. He was the only survivor of the attack.

Leonidas clenched his fist in anger and his face turned read like a tomato and shouted in rage, “DRAGON I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL KILL YOU!!!”

As he set off on his adventure, he knew it was going to be tough. He had to first venture through the Undead Forest, then through Serpent River, and finally to the Dragon’s cave to find he beast and kill it.

Leonidas made it to the entrance to the Undead Forest, and he stepped in swiftly and quietly. He had to be quiet because the undead might hear him and try to kill him. The Hero crept past the dark forest but little did he know he was being followed. He turned to see and as he did a huge hoard of flesh eating zombies closed in behind him.

He was shocked to see The Army of The Undead so close, but he was brave and charged them like a marauding bull. Leonidas lifted his sword and charged into battle, and it shined brighter than the sun. As he took a swing it shot a beam of light that struck each and every one of them, chopping them into smithereens.


As the light dimmed, he opened his eyes. The forest and the Undead were gone. “Well, that’s one way to do it, ” he thoughts as he strolled, stopping dead when he saw the Serpent River. Rumour had it that the river had a real Naga, a sea serpent. Leonidas believed it so he walked around the bend, watching the river flow. A giant Naga burst out of the water, lunging at him. Thanks to his quick thinking, he cast a shielding spell to protect himself, but the Naga had charged again and it broke the spell.

Leonidas knew what to do, finally he drew his bow and it lit up like fire, and shot right through the Serpent’s eye as it dove towards him. Its blood gushed so fast it soon pooled at his feet. He went to its corpse and pulled the arrow out of its mutilated eye socket. Leonidas ventured forth only so far as to see the Dragon’s cave. “This is it,” he said, “it all ends here.”

He needed to rest, but lunged for the rocky wall, and began to scale the gargantuan mountain. When he reached half way, he peered around for a place to lay down and rest. There was a cave nearby and he crawled in and sighed. Leonidas pulled out a picture of his friends and family, observing their faces, when a gigantic spider dropped down and jumped at him!! Then he heard a growl, and from that growl came an ear-splitting roar that scared the spider away.


Leonidas rushed to that sound, coming to a stop when he saw it. The dragon, roaring louder than ever before, and a human’s shout, saying “Shut it you brute!” He peered and watched as the Dragon was whipped and beaten. He had had enough, and was about to charge when he saw a dark collar on the Dragon’s neck. It was being controlled. Leonidas pulled his bow from behind him, its back glowing with fire, knocked the arrow and shot the collar, splitting it in two.

The Dragon flew away as the man turned and spotted Leonidas. “Ah, if it isn’t the great warrior and wizard Leonidas. I have to ask how it feels to lose everything, your friends, your family. How does it feel?”

“Who are you and why do you want to know,” Leonidas asked.

“Oh how rude of me. I am Vlatidor, your opposite. I controlled the Dragon. I destroyed your home. I killed your friends and family. Now it is just us.”


Leonidas nodded, drawing his sword as Vlatidor drew his own, and it glowed brighter than before as Vlatidor’s dimmed with darkness. The two men clashed swords, the sounds of metal meeting echoing in the cave. Two beams of light shot out of the sword’s tips, one darkness and one light. The beams collided in the air between them, and exploding in a puff of smoke. Leonidas smiled a satisfied smile as he plunged his sword between Vlatidor’s eyes. His skull flowed rivers of his black tainted blood onto the ground as he disintegrated into a pile of dust. It was over. Leonidas had won.

Leonidas left to travel by sea I search of a new land, a fresh start, and a way to leave the bad memories behind him. He would always remember all the good times with his friends and loved ones, and he was sure the past would come back to haunt him.

Back in the cave, where the battle had commenced and completed, the pile of dust that had been Vlatidor was reforming. He opened his eyes and whispered, “I’ll get my revenge Leonidas. I will. “

The End
Or is it?


Sam Boutin






2 comments on “Dragon by Sam Boutin

  1. First of all, I must confess that my eyes teared up a bit while reading the introduction. What a fantastic piece – very well written! Bravo Sam! Great job!!! xoxo

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