The Monster Club by Davey B

One night, when Tom was in bed, he heard a creak.  His nerves were shot.  He thought, “I think I should check under the bed.” So he did.  The sound was coming from under it, and there was a tunnel.  A deep  tunnel.

He could hear music playing, down the tunnel, so Tom climbed down. The music got louder and louder.  Tom got closer and closer to find where the music was coming from.


There was a monster club down there!  The Monster Music Club were running around the room and trying to hide.  Tom said “you don’t have to be scared. I’m a friend!”  The Monster Music Club stopped running and hiding and started partying again.  They partied all night until dawn.  Tom said his goodbyes and climbed back to his room, where he started getting ready for school.

Tom visited his new friends at The Monster Music Club every night and partied til dawn.

The end

 Davey B




3 comments on “The Monster Club by Davey B

  1. Good old monsters under the bed , glad to see this is a gd monster..I still won’t look under mine..nice work…

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