Dirty Dress By Kelly Brandsness

Originally published on Musings from Miss K.I. Eyes

The woods on a black night
The air thick with breath
His growl, her whimper
No escape for either

Emotions clawing at throats
Words cloaked within mind
Rainsoaked ground and trees
Clothing clinging to shuddering skin

Strong hands grasp with want
She stays just out of his reach
Around trees and through moss
Feet covered in mud grow heavy

Footsteps stop last fighting above
He faces her, breathing coarse
Bottom lip shivering in excitement
Tearing sounds fill air

Flesh driven into hot flesh
Clamping down and grinding hard
Mouth upon mouth hungrily kissing
Fingers threaded through wet hair and tugging

Sliding down to earth they rythe
Pressing and pushing and moaning
His mouth spreads kisses upon her neck
Her fingers slide up and down his back

Thrust upon thrust their bodies collide
Juices begin flowing freely upon the dress beneath
Kisses hard and then softer feeling fulfilled
Tears and then laughter time gap is now sealed

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It's coming. The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood this summer!
It’s coming. The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood this summer!



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