The Interview Series: The First Taste

Author Note: I did some revamping of my original story and wanted to republish it. So…again I don’t own anything, this idea came about from a Skype call me and a dear friend had and this is what my deliciously twisted brain came up with.  This is very NSFW. I hope you enjoy this. Oh…no unicorns were harmed during the writing process.

I sat there in the conference room located in our office building. With it being as late as it was, the only other person in the building besides the security team and me was the night janitor. The only reason I was still here was because I had taken on a last minute interview with actor Tom Hiddleston.The girl who was originally slated to do the interview had a family emergency that need her immediate attention.

I glanced down at my watch, seeing it was nearly 11:30 P.M. I silently groaned at the thought of having to pull an all-nighter because he was running late due to filming, and this was the only free time he had before the interview deadline.

I stood up briefly, stretching out my legs and my arms. I quickly readjusted my dress, ensuring that I looked somewhat appropriate and professional. I didn’t want to make a bad first impression, and I rarely wore dresses to work. Seeing that it was Friday, I had opted to wear the dress that my sister had bought me for my birthday; a black button up dress with leopard print on the collar and sleeves. I know what you’re thinking…it doesn’t look as bad as it sounds. Plus it looked super cute with my red hair pulled up.


I sat back down in my chair, gathering up all my notes that I would need. I took a sip of my coffee, deciding that while I waited I would get in some last minute research on the man. During my lunch break I had watched a  few of his interviews on YouTube, trying to get a feel for the man. He seemed gracious, funny and insanely smart; plus being extremely attractive didn’t hurt either. But there was something else I had picked up on; he seemed to enjoy causing his interviewers, both male and female alike, to become flustered by his insatiable charisma and suggestive hand and body movements.

I didn’t have much information on his newest film, Crimson Peak, but my boss was kind enough to give me some notes that I could refer to during the interview if I got stuck.

I was so lost in what I was doing that the sound of the conference room door opening caused me to nearly jump out of my seat. I recovered quickly, putting my iPad into sleep mode. As I turned, I saw the man himself walk in, looking freshly showered with his personal assistant following behind him. I stood up from my chair, extending my hand out.


“You must be Mr. Hiddleston.” I said politely in a small voice that made me inwardly grimace at how I must’ve sounded.  He stepped towards me, shaking my hand. He seemed to tower over me with his 6’2″ frame, mind you it wasn’t that hard with me being 5’3″ on a good day. He was still taller than me and I was wearing heels.

“Please, call me Tom, and this is my assistant Luke, You must be-“

“Oh, sorry. I’m Lydia O’Connor.”

“Lydia, that is quite a beautifully unique name, darling.” Oh fuck, here we go. Not today, Satan, not today. Not only was his voice smooth like fucking velvet, but when he took my hand, he fucking kissed it. I started thinking of how soft those lips were and where else I would enjoy the feel of them.

Like on my thighs…licking a trail….WHOA now…where the hell did that come from! Get it together, O’Connor, you’ve got a deadline.

I quickly shook my head of those sinfully naughty thoughts as I realized I was still holding his hand.Oh for the love of God…

“Oh Jesus, I’m so sorry about that.” I apologized as I let go of his hand, trying not to let it show how embarassed I was. I could hear him chuckle lightly.  Meh, why not let him laugh at my expense for the moment.

“It’s quite alright, darling.” he reassured me. I steeled myself as I motioned for him to take a seat on the couch. Reaching over the table, I quickly gathered my papers and iPad. When I turned back around, I noticed Tom quickly look away, becoming suddenly interested in the dusty plastic plant.  Was he just checking out my ass?! No…he wouldn’t…would he?


I cleared my throat to draw his attnetion back to me as I sat down in the the chair located in front of the couch. I looked down at my notes to see where I wanted to start.

“I’m terribly sorry for this being so late, filming ran over. I hope that I’m not keeping you from anything.” He apologized as he leaned forward to grab his water bottle from the floor, almost drowning me in this scent. He smelled like soap and mint, with a massive dash of MAN. The fact that his unruly hair brushed against my bare legs was enough to cause my to clench my thighs together.

Alright, let’s calm down now hormones. Don’t let this delicious man get to you…don’t show him anything. You can get through this with out pouncing on him…as long as he keeps himself over there…we’ll be good.

“You aren’t keeping me from anything. Well, other than a good book and a glass of decent whiskey.” I teased with a smirk. Atta girl! Be sassy…but confident.


“A whiskey girl, huh?” He asked, sounding surprised with my choice of alcohol. He leaned forward again, toying with the water bottle. Ohhh no you don’t. 

“Yes, I like a good whiskey, Jameson preferrably. It must be the Irish in me. Now, are you ready to start this?” I turned my iPad back on, ready to press record.

“Ready when you are, darling.” He sat back, legs spread so wide, I swear to you that you could’ve fit the Titanic through those babies. Oh, so he likes to sit like a whore.


I slipped on my glasses, hoping to distract myself from those intoxicating thighs that begged to be nibbled on. I hurried up and pressed record before I could find more way to embarass myself.

“Mr. Hiddleston, you are currently filming Crimson Peak, directed by Guillermo Del Toro. How has that been for you?” I snickered inwardly. By refusing to call him by his first name, I was going to ensure that this stayed strictly professional. I was NOT going to let this gorgeous blue-eyed monster get to me.

“It’s been a wonderful experience. The cast and crew are amazing and remarkably talented. We’re like one big family.” He grinned wide, showing his beautiful teeth. With that dark hair and that smile and those eyes…Sweet Jesus, just come and take the wheel already! You deal with what you created! How is any normal person supposed to NOT be charmed by him?!

“I’m glad to hear that you are having a wonderful experience with the film. Now, I’ve heard some rumors that it’s a bit dark and dare I say…kinky. How do you think your fans are going to react to seeing that side of you, Mr. Hiddleston?” I started to swivel my chair back and forth, absentmindedly chewing on the cap to my pen. I felt Tom staring at my mouth, his eyes darkned as he licked his lips in what seemed to be anticipation. I raised both my eyebrows, trying to convey an expectant look. He cleared his throat, quickly taking a drink of his water.


Sweet Peter on a Popsicle stick! Look at those freckles! What I would’nt give to play connect the dots with my tongue.

My ‘connect the freckles’ thought was disrupted by his voice, which had dropped a few octave lower, making it sound almost like pure sex, all gravely. I felt myself grow instantly wet when I heard him speak.

“What was the question, darling?”

Is it possible that I am turning the tables on this man? Nah, it’s got to be the exhaustion from the late shoot. I removed the pen from my mouth, trying to hide the Cheshire grin on my face.

“I asked, Mr. Hiddleston, how you think your fans are going to react to seeing you in a darker, kinkier role?”

He ran his long fingers through his dark locks before he moved to play with his lips. Good God Almighty, those long slender fingers. I wonder what they would feel like grazing across my skin?


“Ehehe, right yes. I think some might find it shocking, but I feel that the majority would enjoy seeing me in a darker role. As an actor, I would like to find those roles that would take me out of my comfort zone, pushing me to the limit.”

Before I could even comment, he pulled my chair towards him, casting a quick glance in the direction of Luke, who was preoccupied with a phone call. He inched forward, causing my instincts to take over. I leaned back as far as I could, unbeknownst to me, I was giving the man a very decent view of my breasts.

“Do I make you nervous, darling?” He asked as he was taking in everything that was before him. Be smart, O’Connor. Be brave. Don’t let him know that he has you wetter than a slip’n’slide.

“No, Mr. Hiddleston, you do not. I just don’t like people in my personal space. Why do you ask?” I looked at him from over top of my glasses.

“You’re right, you aren’t nervous. Quite the opposite, if I may say so. I also think that you don’t mine me being in your personal space, seeing as your breathing has picked up. You’re turned on, aren’t you?” He whispered into my ear. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as his breath ghosted across my skin. Oh don’t give me that look! Tell me you wouldn’t be doing the same damn thing!  He wasn’t wrong…my breathing had become more labored.

“Mr. Hiddleston, if you don’t stop this, your P.A. is going to see this compromising position and pitch one hell of a fit.” I glanced over to see that his P.A. had his back to us for the moment. But I knew all it would take would be one off slight noise and he was busted. Why do I find the thought of him being reprimanded so arousing?

Tom didn’t move from my ear, but instead took the bottom lobe into his mouth, sucking on it before nibbling it.


“Lydia, if you don’t stop calling me ‘Mr.Hiddleston’, I’m going to bend you over my knee and spank you like the naughty girl you are.” He sat back on the couch with a smug grin plastered on his face, but his told me he was dead serious. I’m not going to lie…I literally stopped breathing for a moment. All I could think about was him spanking me…and that thought turned me on more than it should’ve.

I looked him over, well I can’t really say that I looked him over when my gaze stopped right at his crotch. Ah the Mythical Hiddlesconda. The bulge from his hard on looked like it was straining against the fabric, begging to be released from its confines and allowed to devour its prey.

My soaked panties were becoming very uncomfortable as I tried in vain not to squirm. I hoped beyond hope that I wasn’t going to end up leaving a wet spot on the chair, if I had I was going to have to burn the evidence. I pushed my frustration aside, reminding myself to be professional, this was my job.

“How are you enjoying Canada?” I asked through gritted teeth. Come Hell or high water, this interview was getting done.

“It’s very beautiful here. I enjoy the bustling city life, but also love the calm of the countryside. It’s a very beautiful country you have here, darling.”

“Well, I hate to break it to you Mr. Hiddleston, but it’s not my country. I’m from the good old ‘US of A.” Ha! Take that!

The moment ‘Mr.Hiddleston’ left my mouth, I knew I was in trouble. Hey, I’m a rebel, what can I say? His pupils dialated and I swear to you I heard him growl. He turned his head towards Luke, who was conveniently  off the phone now.

Oh Jesus fucking Christ, what’s he going to do? Surely he’s not going to spank me in front of his P.A…

“Luke, would you be a mate and run down to the coffee shop and grab me and Miss O’Connor a cup of tea, please?”

What in the hell is he planning?! The nearest 24-hour coffee shop was at least three blocks way…oh sweet Christ.

“Um, sure thing, Tom. Are you sure it’s okay to leave you two alone?” He was eyeing me when he asked this. What in the hell do you think I’m going to do? Kidnap him and stuff him into my carry on?! Oh wait…there’s an idea.

I must’ve had an apalled look on my face, because Luke rushed to apologize.

“Sorry Miss O’Connor, it’s just that there have been some weird ones out there. I didn’t mean to offend.” My face softened at this.

“It’s okay, I understand. Besides, prison orange is so not my color.” I joked, earning a chuckle from both of them. Luke informed us that he would be back in about 20 minutes before leaving the room, shutting the thick wooden door behind him.

A few moments of waiting to be sure that Luke wasn’t returning for anything, Tom pulled me out of my chair and straight onto his lap. His lips sought mine in such a way, that you would’ve thought if he didn’t get ahold of them he would surely die. They were soft, just like I had imagined. I felt his tongue against my lips, begging…no demanding me to grant him access.


I refused, wanting him to work for it a bit. His right hand went into my hair, holding my head to his, while his left hand traveled down my spine. I gasped at the sensation those slender fingers were causing. It was igniting all my nerve endings. Tom took the opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth.


That was the final straw. My reserve broke the moment his tongue glided across mine, and from there it was a battle for dominance. I slid my fingers up into his dark curly locks, tugging on them as I grinded my hips against his erection. The sound that came from his throat was one that could only be described as primal. I didn’t think I could get any wetter, but when I heard that sound…it was like the flood gates burst open.

Never before had any other man caused such a reaction in me. He broke the kiss, breathing heavily as he nipped along my jaw all the way up to my ear once more.


“I know I said that I would spank you if you said Mr.Hiddleston one more time, but darling you have me so fucking hard, that I desperately need inside of you. I need to sink myself into your deliciously wet cunt and fuck you right now or I will combust.” he growled.

I pulled his head back to look into his eyes, I couldn’t form a single word; the look of pure lust that had taken over his face had rendered my speechless. All I could do was simply nod.

He groaned attacking my lips once more, moving the hand that was on my ass around to the front of my skirt. Grabbing ahold of my panties, he gripped them tightly, ripping the offending garment off my body with ease.


I moved my fingers from his hair to the belt on his pants, my fingers shaking as I undid it. I was so frustrated that I nearly ripped the buttons from his dress pants…ALMOST.  Once I opened his pants, I slid my hand inside, wrapping my fingers around his throbbing cock. Oh holy fuck! 

He hissed as my hand pulled his cock out, giving it a light squeeze. He apparently wasn’t kidding when he said he wasn’t in the teasing mood, because he urgently moved me to hover over his cock. I put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself as I slid down, engulfing him inside of my slick heat.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph… I moaned loudly at the feel of him filling and stretching me. He was bigger than most of the men I had been with, but it felt downright sinful. He threw his head back against the couch, rotating my hips to grind my clit against him. From the way his hands had tightened their grip on my hips, I knew there was going to be marks.


I wanted to torture him, to prolong this journey by moving as slowly as I could with precise movements and thrusts. I bit my lip as I moved at an antagonizingly slow pace, relishing in how deep inside of me he was. Leaning forward, I placed my lips on that delectable neck, licking a path up to his ear.


“How does it feel Mr.Hiddleston?” I whispered breathlessly into his ear, flicking my tongue against the bottom lobe. The guttural moan that came out of his mouth was almost enough to send me spiraling into oblivion. Lifting his head back up, he grabbed the back of my neck, bringing out foreheads together, forcing me to stare into his eyes as he thrust up hard into me. The sensation overwhelmed me, causing me to squeeze my eyes shut.

“Don’t you close your fucking eyes, darling. I want you to see that it is me, who is bringing you to your destruction.” He commanded in a low seductive voice that causes me to open my eyes. Oh fuck me, that voice could sell sins to saints.

He began his brutal pace, causing me to cling so tightly to him that my knuckles were turning white.

“Oh God…I…I can’t…”

“Oh darling, yes you can and you will.”

I slipped my hand between our bodie, I was on the brink of the abyss and from the pace of his hips, he was teetering as well. I furiously rubbed my clit, throwing my head back as if I were thanking the Heavens.


“Oh fuck, I’m gonna…I’m gonna…FUCK!!” I shouted as my orgasm ripped through me, my walls clenching tight around him like an iron fist. He hissed as he slammed me down one last time, exploding inside of me, drenching my walls.

As I looked down at Tom, the sight was something I couldn’t even begin to describe, but only one word seemed to fit. He looked ‘fuckalicious’. His hair was unruly and damp from sweat and my fingers. His lips were swollen from their assault. But the look of pure content on his face was something that even the greatest photographer or painter couldn’t capture. It was something one had to see in person. He leaned in planting a sweet kiss upon my own swollen lips.



I got off his lap, quickly making sure that my dress was back in place as he fixed his pants, trying to smooth his hair back into place. Sitting back down in my chair across from him, I couldn’t hide the smirk that had taken residence upon my lips.

“What’s that delicious look for, my darling?”

“That was one hell of a ride, Tom.” He sported a proud smile that said, ‘aww yes, I just rocked her fucking world.’

“Oh, I’m glad that you enjoyed it, but the ride if far, far from over, darling. I do believe I owe you a spanking.”




The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

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  1. Oh my Loki!!! That was hot and so very nice!! Now I must change my panties! Lol! Very nice ❤

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