Dark Recesses

recesses 1

My mind is a complex place
Acres of beauty
In all shapes and forms
Memories of love, loss
and heartbreak
But sometimes it wanders
confused & broken
where it doesn’t need to be
The bizarre, random thoughts
constantly popping up
would mystify
or possibly terrify
even the bravest souls
willing to venture into
this lonely, desolate place
I wish at times
I could just shut it off
Think about nothing
but the wheels keep turning
and it frightens me
Looking into
the darkest recesses
Dangerous places
crawling with monsters
or worse
Things I could never
put down on paper
for if I did
it would only make it seem
so much more real
It’s deep and dark there
like quicksand
Once you’re inside
there’s no way out

recesses 2


8 comments on “Dark Recesses

  1. Now this is da bomb! Absolutely love this, truly awesome stuff and I love the formatting and layout too. Felt like I was sinking in the quick sand. Bravo, truly.

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