Asylum 3

What is this place?
Why am I here?
Who is that man in the corner
and why is he staring
at me?
I’m so cold…
Day after day
I lie here in pain
The medicine they give me
doesn’t help
Nothing they do
has helped in the least
A hospital??
Oh, that’s right
I remember
I think
My husband brought me here
I thought he loved me
He said he couldn’t keep up with me
every night
every day
It wasn’t normal for a woman
to behave this way
I was supposed to be a lady
& not be so focused
on sex
WHY was that wrong???
He’s my husband
Doesn’t he want me?
My head hurts
so badly
Where’s that damned nurse???
Lying on the floor
crying again
How did I end up on the floor?

Asylum 1
That man
staring at me
He’s so handsome
I’m so tired
but I manage to crawl to him
He’s in a flimsy hospital gown
just like me
I can see his erection
licking my lips
he smiles when I touch it
I look around
No one is watching
Climbing onto his lap
my body aching with every move
The feel of him inside me
is worth it
It’s been so long
He grabs my hips
while keeping watch
I sigh and bite my tongue
as I slowly grind
no one must see
It happens so quickly
It’s been too long
so ready

asylum 12
Kissing him lightly
I climb off
and sit on the floor next to him
What time is it?
Did I doze off?
Where is everyone?
Even my friend is gone
My head still hurts like hell
Here comes a guard
Why is he smiling at me like that?
I can barely stand up
before he shoves me against the wall
Leering at me
saying he saw me earlier
Wants a piece of me
for himself
if I cooperate
He won’t tell
Oh dear God he feels delicious
so huge it almost hurts
stretching me so wide
pounding me against the wall
His hand over my mouth
to keep me quiet
It’s too much
So good
I’m losing my mind
screaming deep inside
I feel him explode
How can this be so wrong?
I feel like I’m floating
Somehow I got back to my bed
Waking later
I feel him beside me
The door bursts open
Angry voices
I feel myself being lifted
onto a stretcher

Asylum 10
Oh God NO!
Not this again PLEASE!!!
I struggle & fight them
I think I bit one
I taste his blood on my lips
and laugh
The straps securely fastened
I’m laughing hysterically
as they wheel me into the room
It’s so bright
I can’t see
I start to cry
as I feel them strap my head down
PLEASE!!! No!! Not again!!!
They force my mouth open
inserting a piece of rubber
I can’t stop crying
the electrodes feel cool
against my skin
then the light flickers
It hits me so fast
I can’t breathe
like a million bee stings
setting me on fire
Every vein in my body
feels like it will explode
Over & over
I think I’m dying

Asylum 9

*continued Asylum – The End


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