Queen of Hell – Maiden’s Wrath

This creature has awakened the desire to Feed, sending it boiling through my veins like molten iron, his vivid eyes attempting to capture my unnatural blues with his own, a strange smile upon his lips as my glance happens upon his. I am unnerved, drawn to him, and wish to end him where he stands. My Brother’s Scythe presses into my throat, in my mind, the forbidden musings choked down by the thought of the price I would pay for disobeying Death.

The sky has begun to weep as he halts his speech and his movement, taking my hand in his own, his thumb stroking the top with gentle pressure. I allow this, my curiosity in this odd man overpowering my Brother’s voice. The Above seems displeased by this as it opens its floodgates, pelting us with stinging needles. Dark One pulls me into a run, his focus on the small sheltered gathering of trees in the clearing, where the rain does not fall. I do not wish to go there and slow my pace as I am drawn along under the covering of the treetops, the spirits of this place screaming at my presence.

He drops my hand, pacing a small distance away, his breath even in his air pump as I glance around, feeling naked without Scythe in my hand. I move my gaze across the landscape, senses somehow deadened and displeased by the sensation. This resembled one of Rowan’s spells, the near silent distraction disturbs my nerves. My vision falls upon the Dark One as he lifts the sopping fabric from his bonerack, exposing his flesh and my pulse quickens. Brother’s words ring in my ears, roar as I continue to drink in his aspect, scream as he beckons me to him and I choose to go.

Slowly I approach, feeling the fire burn deeper as his stare penetrates the reservations I held, the penalty I would pay would be heavy and I cared not. I would risk His Wrath to fulfil my need. My tongue slips through my lips, moistening them as i place my hands on his chest and reach up to lap at his, before hungrily kissing him, and feel his arms enclose me. His hand finds my curls, wrapping itself tight and making me growl into his mouth.


He pulls my head back roughly, breaking our kiss with a nearly neck snapping force, saving me from falling to my back only by his other arm tight around my waist. His eyes blaze, in each a raging flame as he darks forward, pressing his lips to my flesh. Needling pain strikes beneath his lips, his tongue probing the pain as I feel my lifeforce being sucked from my body, his pull strong as i claw at his face, my talons tearing his flesh I find purchase on his chest and shove him hard away from me. I feel his teeth rip my bonecover, the punctures turning icy in the warmth of the evening, as my lifewater flows like bloody ribbons into his open mouth and down his gullet.

His eyes would not be treasure, instead I would have them decorate the tips of my talons, and I drive my hand forward, full of intent to have them drip their precious fluid down my hand. Enormous pain on my breast, needling and burning, his teeth dig deeply, tearing a mouthful and spitting the lost part of me into the dirt at his feet. My hands fly to my throat, my breast, pressing hard as I growl into his face, raging at the demented glee I saw there. He laughs and hurls me to the ground, a lesser being would have suffered broken parts of their bonerack such was the force of my impact. I watch, outraged and confused as he walks out into the sheets of sky tears, as my blood washes into the ground.

He dared. DARED. Such a transgression would bring the House of Hell upon his head, provided there was something left to take back to the pits when He arrived. I would be sure that Mephistopheles Playground would seem a foreign exotic land compared to the Beyond Hell that this Creature would go to. Scythe screams from across the clearing, Feliks’ voice ringing in air between us.

Rising to my feet, I creep closer to this Dark One, the fury boiling as I reach for the branch that had been sharpened into a deadly point, and perfection to my eyes. Silently I steal behind him, lifting the pointed weapon and driving it down with all the power I had been gifted with, to find his hand wrapped around my wrist, squeezing as he advances. Crouching slightly, I feel my muscles tense, and my jaw clench. Feliks would not arrive in time, Scythe would be disappointed, but there were other Prey and I intended to end this one with my teeth.


“You are stubborn,” he smirks at me, pushing me until my back was against the rough bark of the large tree. I grab the weapon with my other hand, driving it into the flesh below his collarbone, hearing the bone snap as the point penetrates. He releases my hand with a huff, using it to grasp the invading object. He is distracted, and I rush him, pushing him onto his back and dropping my weight onto his middle, reaching to lean hard on the protuberance as I rumble my displeasure into his face.

There is no blood, not a ruby to be seen, and it mattered not, for I now had his attention and my annoyance was clear. No fear flickers in his eyes, no expression at all, save a narrowing as he takes in my rage, and a small smile that plays at the corner of his mouth that only serves to infuriate me further.. I hear Feliks’ approach, ever closer, leaving me little time to finish our silent war. He grits his teeth, the upper lip rising in a pain filled sneer and rips it from his body, bringing it before his eyes to inspect the point. I wrap my hand around the middle, pulling it  from his hands in what could only be the Muses working their brand of witchcraft, and pressing its sharpness into the hollow of this throat, dimpling the flesh. His hand finds my own, making my injury whine and bleed, squeezing not with a crushing force, but to simply restrain, our breaths coming hard and fast with the exertion of holding back the killing instinct..

Scythe shrieks her displeasure, nearly flying from Feliks’ hand to land mere feet away, Her blade quivers, aching to bite the flesh of the Dark One. “Rowan is waiting. Are you through?” he asks from some distance away, his voice low and caution, “She said to tell you that there is little time.” I nod in response, lowering the point from the small bead of ruby at the pressure point, and batting the creature’s hand from my bonecover as I rise to my feet, striding to take Scythe from Feliks care. She whispers in my grasp, Her stalk shivering in distress as I stroke Her length, and attempt to soothe Her irate grumblings. From behind me, the creature snarls at Feliks’ tone, and I spin on my heel, to find Feliks bristling, his edges and hackles standing high in offense. My stare adds weight and both turn, watching as I make my way to my dwelling and Rowan, who had foreseen this occurrence and had undoubtedly concocted her distasteful brand of medicine in an effort to heal my wounds.


“Wait! Feliks implores, “Please. Rowan is fast with child. This,” he points to Dark One, and then to me, “cannot happen in her presence. I will kill you both if you cause her distress.” I smile into his earnest, innocent face, forgiving his transgression, for it was out of his fondness for my Witch that he dared threaten me. Dark One simply stares at him, thoughtfulness drawing his brows together, as though gauging the seriousness of the utterance, and finding Feliks unmovable in his belief that he could end us both. He nodded, and snapped his head around as I continued my short journey, the fire animal blazing and capering in its stone prison, Rowan silhouette rounded and lovely in the light. “Oh Sister, what happened to you. Come, let’s clean your wounds,” she murmurs, displeasure and loathing filling the slight whisper. “Did she drink of you?” Rowan demands, as Dark One approaches the fire, his nose wrinkling in offense of the fragrance of the solution she uses to nurse my injuries.

“No. Your husband speaks of a ritual. That you know of this sacrifice?” he states, observing her ministrations upon my bruised and bloody breast with interest. She glances up at me, assessing my musings on this subject before speaking again. “Prey must be female. A Unbeliever, her blood must be captured in a bowl fashioned from her pelvic bone, during which she must survive the extraction. Each must drink from the sacrificial Bowl, and the Child must send her to her end. Your Sister in Devotion,” she speaks to me in quieter tones, “was here while you were playing with your Companion. She is not pleased Sister, nor is your Brother. Be aware,”

“You both must capture Prey, and bring her to the place of the Sacrifice. My Sister knows the way. Feliks and I must go now. Tomorrow at dusk the ritual begins. I will see you on our next greetings,” Rowan warns us both, leaning to embrace me and place my hands upon the swelling my ward occupies. “Caution Sister. He is dangerous, even if he comes at your Brother’s will.” I nod my agreement, and watch as she takes Feliks’ hand, bidding us goodbye as they begin their Journey to their home.

Soon they are lost to the darkness and my heart feels concern for their safety. True to form, Rowan never looked back and so I turned away, meeting the gaze of my aggressor. “If I behave, may I come in?” The fire animal dances in its cage, roaring with the slight breeze, and colouring his eyes as spring leaves, shadows casting a black expression across his face. I drift to the door of my dwelling, full aware of the decision I make, and gesture for his entry, closing the door behind me and enveloping us in darkness.


We sat quietly for what seemed a long time, both of us had a feeling of fear that may or may not be. .“Let’s plan what we are going to do to get this Prey.  I long to get a few, and bring them to the head of Hell.”  She dismisses the power of Hades to my amusement, and we began to discuss and plan our path, watching  the fire animal as it keeps moving around,  thinking that he ruled this place. All it was doing was slowly pissing me off.

 “Come now,  it’s time to go.  I am sure there will be many about for us,” I stood and opened the door,  my pace quick as I sensed her behind me before I realised I had left something behind. “A moment,” I said, “I forgot the rope.  Wait here, I’ll run back and get it.”  Upon my return, the fire animal sat and waited,  pacing and pretending he is human.  “Fuck this shit,” I growled at it, and with one strike I slit it in two,  both halves falling to the floor and burning the fucker out right.  I took it with me,  leaving the door open as to appear to anyone returning as though it got out.  Grabbing the rope I walked back, stopping to chuck the remains in deep in the woods just before returning to her, knowing it would not be long before another animal would pick up the scent and have a good feed.  

“Sorry about that.  I’ve got the rope.  Lets go.“


We walked about,  looking for the pleasure of the Prey that we needed so much.  She froze, scenting the air and pointed.   Just over the bridge, there was a young woman, looking every part the ideal one that we required.   “Let’s get her.  She will be good and from here, I can tell that she is all pure and delightful.”   Slowly we approached her,  making out that we were lost and searching for some place. 

The powerful rage over came us both and we could not hold off any longer, the burning desire deep inside stronger than ever.  She was perfect Prey.  What happened next was not what was planned, but the energy was too strong, and we ripped fully into her, pulling her apart bit by bit, her blood covering us both as we fed on the innocent flesh, bringing us sheer delight and pleasure.

“I looked at what we had done, and I shrugged and laughed, “Oops…. what I can say, who cares, there are more from where that came from.” We continued on, leaving the corpse behind,  to look for another Prey, and found some.  More women,  not as pure as the last,  but a non believer for sure and a great delight. I started to chat with her, and she was fully unaware of what was about to happen as our conversation continued.  A hard blow to the back of her head  knocked her to the floor.  We quickly tied her up, and dragged her out of sight. Just as we got her out of the way, a second and third crossed our path. We took them to her home, leaving us plenty of time to get some much-needed rest as we waited for the others to rejoin us.  I wanted more and with that I left,  saying that I will return very soon.

I felt the need to prey on whatever came along first,  so I waited out of sight,  not knowing what was going to happen nor what was to come along. I saw a woman in the distance looking so hot and very tender, and I just knew that I wanted it there and then.  Without thinking, I  moved in with such speed and power,  what  overtook me so strong and stronger than I have felt before.  Power, rage and passion took over, and I devilled my prey with extreme violence, unable to control myself.  Looking down at the remains afterwards,  I noticed something very strange.  Looking deeper and further I saw….. “Oh fuck what have I done ………………………………..


The Dark one returned, the blood of his prey soaking the fabric coverings he wore, and a disturbed expression upon his face. “I’m afraid I might have created a problem.”  He stood before the now cold prison of the escaped fire animal as he spoke, and my displeasure grew as the end of his tale drew to a close.  “Your Brother may be willing to help.  Perhaps some mercy for the few we bring him for the ritual.”

Scythe snarled from Her place, Her quicksilver blade quivering and longing to bite my companion for his transgression as I grasped his throat digging my talons deeply as I growled my extreme displeasure into his face.  I would gladly have allowed Scythe to feed upon this creature, for the offence he had performed, knowing full well that unless Brother Death found pity on us, the price demanded would be heavier than I could repay.  The Dark One, his hunger yet still unfulfilled, dared to place his hands on me and was rewarded with my wrath, his bonecover oozing think tendrils of lifeforce.  My Sister in Devotion would NOT be pleased, and he would yet pay again, should she be unable to control her own rage.

I pointed to the door, as I pulled Scythe from her resting place, and allowing her to nip at his flesh as found his egress from my dwelling.  He pulls our gift to the child Kieran from their makeshift prison, as my world ripples and we are drawn through to Hell.

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