House of Hell by Melissas Dark Angel

In a hundred-year-old house

Sarah and her wicked parents lived with Granny, kept her  in the attic.

You see,  Sarah’s parents would beat her and pull out her already balding bloody hair from stress,

Chain her in the dank, dark, moldy and rat infested basement that stunk of rotten blood and diseased skin.

Granny was rarely fed and when she was,  it was Sarah’s bloody skin, clumped scalp and dank toilet water.

Why were her parents so sadistic? It was because of the curse on the Beckerman’s house.

The curse was born from the death of a child.

Born from a child, 100 years ago,  who was tortured and beaten to death.

Her soul remained angry and trapped in the basement.

The basement where  Sarah was chained for hours and her toes nipped on by the rats.

She had to break free and “take care” of her foul parents.

She twisted her bony wrists around and around until the chains broke and set her hands free.

While her parents slept she snuck in the room, grabbed the wire they used to beat her with.


She choked the life out of her demented father.

Blood hit the walls and the walls began to scream.

Her slutty mother was next.

Sarah grabbed the panties her mother used to choke her father with and wrapped them so tight around her neck

It snapped like a chickens neck when eaten.

Bleeding walls, screams, the smell of death..oh hell…Granny!

Sarah went to get her, but Granny was gutted like a fish on a hot summer’s day.

Sarah began to laugh.

You see, she was the cursed one…

It was all she who put the plan of action together

With the child who died in the house.

In the basement

And it was Sarah who was chosen.


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