Ode to the Destroyer

My eyes saw nothing
But deep deep darkness
My sensitive ears
Searched for any sound
In the cool blackness
Something rumbled
Beneath my feet
Deep and bellowing
I sensed a calling
For I was not afraid
Something beckoned me
To this strange
Forsaken place
My feet trod
On slippery ground
It felt slimy
And began to buckle
Beneath me
I slipped and fell
Something lit the night sky
Rearing in front of me
Towers of stone
Filled my eyes
Dripping with ooze
Still the Earth cracked
The voice was there
Next to me
As if from a dream
It said my name
I felt



7 comments on “Ode to the Destroyer

  1. Yes, the imagery and the ‘almost lyrical structure felt very dream-like. Really, really creative!

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