A Dark One and Death Maiden Collaboration

The sun burns my skin while it rains,  down, and the acid begins

A stinging sensation tearing through,  like a needlepoint tattoo under my skin

Feed the soul, for the blood and pus oozing out of the deep wound she has

Fertilize the ground as her body decays, salt and blood are on the menu today

Where nothing should grow, the dusty ground lays.

They blosson again…full of sheer fucking hate

Flowers bloom, entrails entwined wrap around her body, it looks devine

Roots enter her, legs pulled apart, roots of desire, her cunt on fire


This is the place where Darkness bleeds, it covers the whore, waiting for the time of release

Tiny seeds planted deep inside, they grow, pieces of me locked within

Cigarettes and roses aer all that I taste, the sweetness of sin I suffer

Inside of me now, here it breeds, ready to strike as I slowly breathe

Tentative tendrils, Fate’s singer, it sings, it lingers

Sings of pain, pins and needles, of the horror of justice

The deed is done, the die is cast, a dead and noxious corpse fades

Blood  A Creative Universe

Still, flowers bloom each year, and will here too

Perhaps one day, you will see that

This Earth of mine, a place to be feared, is a

A miracle, to some

Dark One - Majesty

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