Under Cover Until Next Time

The following work is not for the faint of heart or easy offended…If you are under 18, please leave now.  If you like all things horror, read on……

Under  Cover   Until  Next  Time


She lies still, not a move she makes.

Her rotting flesh,  her skin so torn, beaten and bruised,

rancid deep within her body. For some,  its best she was she laid to rest.


No washing for her, this whore is pure,

purely filthy, unclean and ready for this act.

The stench unfolds as her man enters deep,

tearing open the rot-swollen tunnel of love’s retreat.

He pulls her hair as he slides in, slipping in decay’s juices,

not knowing what  grisly treasure might be inside or what fate waits for him

Slipping in and out,  he awakens the silent, unknowing Beast.


The climax for him huge,  the sensation painful,  more for him to adore.

The Beast feels the crumbling insides,  tasting the foul fluids

His time has come, the Beast bites back.

Spewing his leavings, his member still in, his hard cock pumps out his pus filled creamy release,

He falls to the floor to roll in the juices of others,  his body limp and covered in gore,

the Pain and Suffering, the agony he is in;  this is the start of Hell for him.


What has become of this woman of lust?

A great looking girl who lies there for us.

For she is victim now to  a young boy in prime.


He looks at her; the lust begins as he licks the rotten two flaps of skin.

His tongue inside her, he cannot control himself and fills her hole,

the liquid  from his stomach so vile,  churning up

he vomits inside.


The next is old, and desperate,  he dives straight in,

thrusting twice,  his body shaking as he cums

pieces of flesh falling as he pulls out of her cave, so raw that maggots are eating her out.

dead body

What comes next I hear you cry,  full of fun, piggy bank of junk.

A bitter end for all to add, but for this is the just start for her, as she lays dead.

She is Open for Business, for all that pass, and have the taste

The best lay in town, I never lie.



The Dark One


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