Supernatural Life by Courtney Philemon

Once upon a time there was a girl who always sat in the back of the classroom and never said anything to anyone,  unless it was her friends.

Suddenly,  one day the teacher called on her to answer the question and she panicked but got up anyway. When she got to the front of the room everyone was staring at her, but then she spoke the answer as she wrote it out on the board. The boy she liked named Jack came up to her after class and asked her on a date.  She said yes but little did he know she was a vampire. She planned on sucking him dry on their date but decided she liked him to much to.  

She found a bunch of guys in an alleyway on her way home,  and they called her over.  She went and when she did,  she attacked and sucked every drop of blood out of each of their bodies and left before anyone else got there.


When she went on the date,  her fangs came out and she had to tell him the truth.   He had a secret himself –  his name wasn’t Jack,  it was Dustin and he was a vampire as well. 

They started dating and they had a little girl named Shelly, who was a full vampire,  so she grew quickly. W hen she was full-grown and was ready to move out,  she met a guy named Michael , who a was a monster.  They were perfect for each other, soon after they got married and had two kids of their own.  A boy named Adam and a girl named Courtney.   Shayla and Dustin were  very happy and lived happily ever after,  just like Shelly and Mikey.

Courtney Philemon


Children of The Twisted Path


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