Light by Amber McCrea

 For so long darkness has encompassed me

Drowning out each small ray of light
Causing a daily struggle to even survive
Continuing to search, longing for hope
So day in, day out, I keep moving on.
One day, unexpectedly, a light emerged far down the path
A light so bright, I wanted to run to it.
That single ray that I looked for, for far too long
My heart seemed to grow stronger at the prospects in that light
Day by day, more smiles crossed my lips
This light warmed my heart more than any other ever had
Even with its increasing brightness, there was still something missing
A loneliness, an unexplainable ached that even this light couldn’t curb
Then without warning, another ray of light appeared
Intrigued by its uniqueness, its unquestionable brightness, I moved toward it
With each new day, it intrigues me more and I continue on
Is this light what will cure the ache?
Will this light fill that unexplainable void?
Time will surely reveal all & until then, I move on

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The Orphan Killer 2
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