A Dark One and Death Maiden Collaboration


I am lightning in a jar,  just one twist and off I go, out of control

The wind,  my fury,  my eye ever calm, ready to strike beyond belief

The rain’s slippery kisses, I lick, the bite, release

Inundate;  alleviate the arousal within,  almost throbbing, the red of sin


The storm, the hunger, the power so big, it pauses, in passion,  a fun a time to bid

Appetite to devour,  the body,  its soul,  taking it hard,  love it unfolds

Rip apart all hate and pride, let it ride,  deep inside

To destroy as I dance,  to play,  all raging romance


Along the scenic fields,  covered with flowers, find there the rose within the thorn

A shark in the ocean, ready for his prey

In my rage,  I tear out the lifeblood,  entering all unknowing of lust

Strew them about to suffer as all,  killer cold heart, within the storm


The prone bodies pile high for all to see

Lifeless,  as their contents spill forth,  no longer free

Houses and homes must go, must have nothing in my path


I am the destroyer of all life,  the power of deep desire

The so-called Finger of God,  helpless he is

I AM GOD,  the fucking chosen one

The Eye of the Storm, yet to claim for all



Dark One - Majesty


The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Coming Summer 2014
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Filming Summer 2014



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