Summers Moon by Melissas Dark Angel

Harry's place

In the heat of the night
campers would venture off to “old man Harry’s place”
Little did they know years back
he ate a bullet when the full moon
pierced his bloodshot eyes from sorrow and vodka
Every full moon he came back to claim his resting place
and didn’t care who got in his way
This was Harry’s place

Three young kids snuck in
drank vodka &  smoked weed
until their bodies were numb and
fucked like minks in his old decrepit piss & blood stained bed
Oh how the screams of passion
and drug induced souls were about to pay

After their screams died down,
Cara went to use the outhouse
oh the wretched smell of death and decay overwhelmed her
not to mention the lantern blew out.
Shit FUCK Shit!
The outhouse began to shake like a hurricane!
“Come on guys knock it off!” she said
in a terrified voice and with that her neck was snapped back
exposing her vocal cords and veins
crimson fluid was flowing down her body
“Yes you whore, you paid the piper.”

The other two still in the filth-ridden cum-shack
were biting and teasing one another under the piss-stained sheets
the full moon shadowing their naked bodies.
Harry felt alive and in a drunkin state the way he died
pressure on the bed
His spirit, evil and strong, shook the bed
and the two jumped up to see a black silhouette of a man with a rope
In a raspy voice he said “Ya wanna play at Harrys? You’re gonna die at Harrys.”
They begged like bitches for their pathetic lives
“Ha ha ha…” he whispered in a low tone throughout the stank and moldy room
Harry lassoed the rope and got both their necks in a knot
dragging them to the old willow tree in his front yard

He pulled them up and twisted them around
as if they were on the tea cups in the carnival
Snap snap
blood pouring out and soaking the sheet
piss running down their legs and the smell of rott was intoxicating
Two heads limp as donkey dicks both to the side
Harry whispered looking up at the moon
“This is Harrys Place…”



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