Essence of a Woman

White curtains flowing, billowing gently in the breeze, slowly teasing me with just a glimpse of shining glass from the sliding doors. A flicker of a bright flame draws my eyes past the curtains, past the sliding glass doors, to a balcony. A silhouette of a man , towering and commanding, he stands  naked the sky glowing vibrant with  red and orange as the sun sets behind him.  In his hands he holds a lighter, his fingers  long and lean, caressing the cool silver surface. The reflective ray of the last remnant of sun catches the ring on his finger of his left hand. It is a reminder of a life he no longer lives and a love he can not forget.  As I walk closer to the balcony, my eyes travel upward to his arms, long and strong, covered in tattoos, each one tells a story that only he knows and I could only hope he would share. His shoulders usually strong and light seem to be held down with the weight of something.  His handsome face pensive and lost in thought.His essence surrounds him,  it is rugged, hard and weary but also gentle, kind and loving.  His eyes, beautifully blue like the bluest sky on a cloudless day,  are filled with the passion and need to see his dreams come to pass. I can see the fierceness in him, for love, life and laughter but the weight of this world holds him down. Worries, brokenness, fears run through his mind and he tries hard not to let it show.He has no idea what he does to me, this man. His essence engulfs me and  I feel it touch something deep within. I yearn for him. So I am here, waiting for him,  to feel his touch,  to hear his voice.  I’m here to ease his worries and burdens as best I can, and while he does not know it, he eases mine. He feels my presence and glances up, his soft full lips welcome me with a smile.  I smile back sweetly and the look on his face changes, his soft blazing blue eyes are looking at me as if he is seeing something beautiful for the first time.


He walks over to me slowly and grabs my waist and pulls me in close to his body. He says nothing, but takes his hand and slowly pulls back my long hair from my face and leaves his hand resting softly there as he moves his thumb gently over my lips.  His thumb moves slowly down my chin to the delicate curve of my neck and then he slightly raises my neck up so my eyes are looking into his.  They are raging dark blue as the sea might rage in the midst of a storm, and yet I see tenderness and a need to feel a soft touch.  He lowers his head til his mouth is just over mine and then moves, as if to tease me, and places his cool lips on the soft tender skin just below my ear.  My heart starts to beat wildly as I give a soft low sigh,  his breath against my ear as he whispers my name.


As he brings his mouth to mine, I  meet his with a tender fervor.  My arms wrap around his neck as his tongue and lips tease my own. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me hard against his body.  The feel of his hard erection pressed against me makes me hunger for more. I let go of the sheet that’s wrapped around my naked body and lift my leg to wrap it around his thigh and press in closer.  A  moan escapes from his lips as he pulls my leg up higher, and at the same time wraps his hand in my hair and pulls gently so that my neck is exposed. The feel of cool air makes me gasp as his lips leave mine, only to start slowly using his tongue and mouth to lick and bite the delicate skin of my neck. He scoops me up in his arms and takes me over to the bed and lays me down gently.  My body aches for his touch, it comes to life with just the smallest graze of his fingertips. His body falls gently on top of mine as he cups my chin and starts to kiss my throat once more. His hands run down my body and over my breast, just as his lips reach the dip at the base of my neck.  My body is on fire as he begins to head south following the path his hands had made to my breasts. He takes each nipple slowly, gently nipping and tenderly sucking as my hips start to sway and move on their own, grinding to the same rhythm that his mouth is using on my breasts. Reaching my navel, his tongue slowly licks inside as his teeth graze my belly. I moan loudly and feel him move lower until his nose glides slowly along the line between my belly and my pubic hair, only stopping to lick and tease me with his tongue.


Sitting up suddenly, he kneels at my feet. Grabbing both my ankles he pulls me hard to him and spreads my legs wide.  He  brings my foot to his mouth and looks down at me with a slow burning hunger in his eyes and stares at me with a wicked grin, as he tenderly starts to kiss each one of my toes. When he reaches my little toe he slowly puts it in his mouth and starts to suck. The feeling is so erotic and I can feel white hot heat grow in the very center of my being.  As he releases my toe he gives it a bite and and I can feel myself convulse and my sex grow wet with desire. He glides his tongue over the instep and I feel as if I’m going to combust.  He kisses my ankles and trails kisses up my calf to my knee, then up the inside of my thigh. Kissing, licking, sucking and pushing apart my thighs as he goes.


I can feel my legs starting to shake from  anticipation.  ” Please, ” I whisper and then he’s between my legs running his nose up and down my sex, just barely touching, then blowing gently up the length of my sex. “Oh yes”, I say. I start to wither as my breath comes in soft pants. I feel his tongue enter and start slowly circling my clitoris as his hands hold down my thighs. I moan as my body bows up to accept what he offers. He swirls his tongue around and around, torturing me, giving me no respite…. No reprieve.  I feel as if I’m losing myself, every atom in my being is alive and throbbing at the small apex at my thighs.  I thrash my head back and forth as I feel him slip his fingers inside me,  slowly circling , his  fingers copying every move his tongue makes. I groan loudly and my body wants relief so I let go, losing all thoughts as my orgasm grips me, “Yes Yes, ” I cry out and then the world disappears from view. My breathing husky and shallow as I lay there ,  my heartbeat slowly becoming normal. My eyes closed .  I feel him rise up and hover over my body. “Open your eyes” He whispers. I slowly open them to see him staring down at me,  “You are so beautiful.” He spreads my legs open wide with his knees and at once he is inside me.

 I gasp out loud from the fullness and then grind my hips into his to take him in further.  I hear his moan of pleasure and it stirs my soul. He grasp my hips firmly, eases out of me again and this time slams back into me, causing me to cry out. He stills. “Again?” He asks softly. “Yes…Please,” I say breathlessly. He eases out of me once more, then slams into me and repeats this over slowly, deliberately. My insides start to quicken and he feels it too, and increases the rhythm. I meet him with each thrust as he is  pushing me, harder and higher and faster, my breathing shallow moans of desire. I feel myself  start to surrender and I explode around him as I wrap myself around him like a vine. I barely hear my name being cried out as he climaxes with me and then collapses, his full weight pressing me into the mattress.


As we lay there in the pre-dawn hours, his arms around me, my head nestled in the crook of his neck , our bodies entwined.  I can feel his breathing is calm, relaxed and his mind seems to be at peace.  I pull my head up to look at his face and he is smiling.  “What,” I ask as look into his eyes.  “How can just one touch from you soothe my soul? He asked.  You make me forget the world for awhile, and when I see me through your eyes, I feel I can conquer anything.” I start to laugh. “Really,” he says “How do you do that?”  I reach out and caress his face, “That,  my darling, is the essence of a woman.”

10411266_10201216146005380_6204882514771789056_n the_twisted_path_group_matt_horwich

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Filming this August
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood

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