First Dance

When you took my hand
You stole my heart
I hope that now
We’ve made a start

By now I’ve told you
How I feel
I hope for you
It’s just as real


That look in your eyes
When we had our first dance
Somehow I knew
We should give forever a chance

You smile at me
With such a light
That the fire in my soul
Now burns twice as bright


I truly don’t know
How it happened so fast
But I know in my heart
These feelings will last

When you kiss me so gently
It ignites a fire
That leaves my soul burning
With aching desire


When you hold me I feel it
So tender yet strong
A touch I have needed
For ever so long

I must leave soon
But no matter time or space
I know in my heart
No one will ever take your place


When I must leave you
My heart will be breaking
But please always know
For only you it is aching


Tactful Temptress
Tactful Temptress

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