She’d Never Know by @Kleen_Kut_T 18+

She’d never know how much she meant to him…

He played with the cigarette slowly burning in his mouth, rolling it in his lips and ever so slightly dragging on it as he drifted off into the daydream. It was now a regular occurrence; this had become his daily ritual during her lunch break. Same place, same time, he sat on the bench where he first saw her and waited for the glimpse he would catch as she crossed the street from the law office she worked at to go to the 69th Diner.  Here she would pull up a chair at the counter, grab her coffee and sip as she briefly read the paper and ate a bagel.  When she was done, she’d curtly thank the man and leave as quickly as she came.  The fleeting moments he saw her seemed like she was sweeping  across a ballroom floor in fluffy romance scenes; this was a beauty he had only had dreamed of before.  He never much cared for this part of town; so bourgeois, you could choke on the pollutants and taste the money being made all day.  Nothing but numbers being made up all day by some poor fool in a suit he’d never be able to afford to pay off once his internship fell thought.   Why would she want to work in a place like this was beyond him, and he could tell it was beyond her by the look of contempt she wore on her face bustling through the suit and tie crowd.  If it wasn’t for the case her firm had taken up involving the recent oil spill, she probably would have much better things to occupy her time with.  But she had ambition, and she was a young idealist full of passion for helping others less fortunate, he could tell.  He marvelled at how she worked through such a grind to fight the good fight, and he wanted nothing more than to scoop her up and take her away from it, somewhere they could have the peace of mind the both wanted, together, alone.  He glanced at his watch. She’d be here soon.  He wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer; this was the day he had to act on  what he was feeling.  This meeting would impact the rest of his romantic life, and it had to be perfect to secure the affections of a woman of her calibre in a short moment.  He saw her exit her office building out the front, looking a little hurried.  He crossed the street and positioned him self in just the right place to start.  It was her move now, she just didn’t know it yet.

She glanced about, maneuvering deftly through the crowd as she had become expert at. Even when her mind was elsewhere on her work, she could walk through this routine blindfolded. She knew how important her work was here and how much its impact meant; still, she couldn’t fight the burning feeling building up in her. She’d never been one to espouse the establishment, and in the thick of it, her skin crawled. She loved nature, and always had wanted to live the quiet life with a family and close circle of friends somewhere near the forest and fresh air, and maybe she could do something equally as important remotely. The concrete jungle was her prison; a cesspool of those who couldn’t think for themselves, develop their own interests or go where they wanted. If it wasn’t for her activist streak and the brilliant suggestions of her professor to intern at the firm working on the civil rights incident, she would’ve never made partner nor have been stuck alone in this ant farm. She had all but given up on the idea of her perfect getaway with her perfect man; she still imagined it, with every man she felt even the most fleeting attraction for, but she saw the feasibility of such a wish slipping away further into the black oblivion of inevitability every passing hour of every day. Now this case was set to occupy the rest of her life, it seemed, and the legal tangling would ensnare her foot and drag her down to Hell. She wished she could be headed anywhere but this meeting right now; if only something or someone could take her away from it all, even for just a few hours of this day…


She didn’t even see the man coming the other way down the crosswalk; the bump knocked her out of her reflective fugue and the next thing she saw was the contents of her purse all over the concrete.

“Damn it, I’m so sorry, I’m never this clumsy and this is abs-…”

She trailed off as she stared deeply into his eyes. They were the color of rich dark earth, and with the sun shining into them she could make out the light hazel accents and the deep, inner veracity held coolly back in the moment, waiting to be released in full. She wanted it to be released on her. In that moment, her mind raced with all the things she wanted…

“…Miss? Miss please, you’re at absolutely no fault here. I’m so sorry; please let me help you gather this all up. I’m afraid they’re not going to like us very much in a minute here when that light turns.”

She nodded and lazily swiped objects into her tote without looking; she couldn’t take her eyes off his ruggedly handsome face. He had a full but well-kept beard and moustache, smooth skin that looked pillow soft and gorgeous dark brown waves that she could barely restrain herself from running her fingers through. He smiled and continued in his low, debonair tone that melted like sweet butter in maple syrup over pancakes in her ears. She couldn’t make out what words they formed and she didn’t care; she only wanted to do whatever they told her, and she’d do anything to keep them coming…

“I believe that’s everything; can you make sure? I don’t see anything else and we should probably let these folks get to where they’re going.”

All if a sudden, as if she had earplugs in that were suddenly yanked out, the sounds of the city came rushing back into her head and the cacophony of car horns, frustrated remarks, and impatient cussing told her the light had probably been green a while with her in the middle of the intersection. He guided her out of the street and back to a bench where they sat down a moment. She couldn’t believe how flustered she was by this all of a sudden; she was always the one in control and taking the lead in all her interactions. Where was her guard for this one? It certainly seemed to have slipped for the first time she could remember since… Wow. It’d never been like this before…

His heart raced at a million beats per minute, trying to break through his breast ribs and escape, bounding down the sidewalk just like a regular fool in love. He tried to stumble through his words and help her at the same time, and couldn’t believe his luck when he guided her by her arm out of the street and onto his bench, like he had imagined a thousand times before. She seemed to be flustered, from the run-in and her interactions with him, and he tried to determine if this could be a favorable sign. As he let her catch her breath and took a moment to do the same, he mulled over what his next move would be.

She knew she had to be on her way, but in this microcosm, the two were alone on this bench with none of the world around them able to penetrate their space. She had to know him; she fired off every question she could think of as she gazed up into his eyes, eager to learn as much as was possible about this mysterious, dashing gentleman who had the nerve to come sweeping into her life-like a true love story and act so nonchalantly about it. Maybe some other lucky bitches who stumbled around on heels twice as high as their I.Q. with their grandma’s diamonds weighing her anorexic ass neck down were accidentally running into men this amazing all the time, but she didn’t pass it around so loosely, and she despised such fucktions. Every layer of mystery she peeled away got better and better; he started his own charity instead of going to college and his humanitarian work took him all over? He originally hailed from the North West and maintained his private lodge there still? Her Knight in Shining Armor was proving every bit her fantastical Prince Charming she had been looking for with each piece if armor she removed… But she couldn’t really believe that, could she? After all, she didn’t believe in that anymore…

He never expected her to show so much interest. This had now far and wide exceeded expectations; they had passed a half-hour together revealing their lives to each other in turn, and as what he knew of relationships went, they were quite taken with each other. In the lull of the conversation, he played his rook and asked her back to his hotel’s bar. He winced, fully expecting the long shot to fall short, and was taken aback with full recoil when she immediately accepted, with what appeared to be a quite pleased and excited look on her face. He escorted her back down the street and pulled out her chair, and brought back her Cuba Libre, and one for him, because hell, why not? Actually, that’s just what he had been thinking he wanted to drink…

she would never know 4

They laughed and conversed over their bolder stories they had to tell, and somberly and attentively listened when they took a serious turn. The wait-staff looked on and smiled, wondering just how long the lovebirds planned on using the main dining room for their little impromptu date. A pool was going in the back room; they had been here for six hours now, drank through a fifth and ate lunch and dinner. The running odds were whether they’d leave before, at, or after closing, and it after had the upper hand currently. They’d stay open at least an hour after posted time; their boss had a sweet spot a mile wide and would keep them working until this couple wanted to leave. The couple finally came to an agreement that it’d be best to head up and get room service from here on out around eight-thirty.

As soon as they got in the elevator, they jumped each other. He went to pick her up as she leapt onto him and wrapped herself around him. He pressed his whole body into hers, first their pelvises, then their chests, and finally their lips ever so deeply met. He squeezed his arm around her waist so tight as he ran his other hand through her silken hair, and she grasped and dug her fingers into his back. They uttered a sensuous moan together and moved their tongues to part their lips…


They stopped to turn around and realized that a not-so-pleased mother and her prepubescent teen with a wide shit-eating grin on his face occupied the elevator with them. They smiled and politely nodded, regaining their composure and trying to stand side by side with them as if nothing resembling the beginning of an erotic shoot had happened just then. They again nodded and attempted to pleasantly smile at the scowling Mama Bear as she dragged her son out on their floor, who was still looking at the couple with that ear to ear smirk. As soon as they left, it was back ON…

As soon as they were through his door, they started in on each other’s clothes. He gripped her by the ass and set her down on the side of the bed, shedding her blazer as she unzipped both his coat and pants seemingly in one motion. He unbuttoned her blouse from bottom to top after she stripped him of his tops and played with the hair revealed on his chest and running down his front all the way into his pants. Finished undoing the buttons, he used the sides to pin the arms still in her sleeves behind her, stopping nibble at her collarbone, slowly making his way to her bra strap, taking it in his teeth and moving it down around her shoulder, and the same on the other side. She let her head hang back as she shuddered and breathed heavily from the teasing. A man hadn’t done anything wild with her for far too long, and never had it been as hot as this. He slipped the blouse down around her, and deftly slopped her bra off over her head, leaving her beautiful breasts bare and starting to get goose-bumps as she felt his breath on them. He threw her bra and blouse out onto the floor, and shoved her down flat back on the bed, her legs instinctively rising around him as she did. He grabbed them, and ripped off her pants to reveal her lace thong on her voluptuous ass. He took both her legs and grabbed them around the knees with his right arm, and brought his left hand down to smack her cheeks with a resounding clap that left them moving after the fact. She squealed in delight and begged him for more in that falsetto pitch, and he obliged her, rubbing and squeezing them in between spanks, then, slowly working his finger behind her thong string and teasing it around, he lightly touched his knuckle to the small of her back and felt the beginning of her crack. He slowly and unmercifully traced the crevice with his finger, all the way to her taint, back, and again, holding her ass still as she squirmed at the insufferable stimulation. He opened her legs and slid her thong off over his head, closing them again and wrapping them around his neck as he leaned over, bending them forward into her as he went in for the passionate kiss, reaching around her legs to fondle her breasts. She uttered a sweet, low moan into his mouth as she felt him grind his cock into her lips through his underwear. She couldn’t wait to squeeze herself around him ,but he wouldn’t let her have her way yet. He held her legs tightly together and slowly kissed down the crease they made to where her quivering quim oozed the sweet juices his tongue licked up in one movement from her taint to her clit. She shivered and clawed into the bed as he teased the tip of his tongue under the hood and all around her clitoris. He decided to stop torturing her so and backed off, moving his tongue slowly down and teasing in between her labia. When she began to soak his tongue, he dived in, fully parting her juicy pussy lips and sticking his tongue fully into her tight hole. Her head reeled from the pleasure, and she reached a hand down to grasp his head, and she dug her fingers into his scalp as he got deep into her, groaning loudly. He slid one of his hands down her thigh and grabbed her ass, giving it another smack as kissed her pussy’s lips. She giggled as he dug his fingers into her ass cheek, and she arched her back and through her hands above her head as she lay back at his mercy. He brought one arm up to hold her legs in place and grasp one of her breasts as he smacked her ass again and brought his fingers up to her tightened opening and slowly slid in his middle first, all the way in, then back out just as slowly. He added his ring finger next, stroking into her with the two to see how comfortable she was, and back out. She shuddered and begged him for more; she could hardly stand being treated like this for the first time in too long. She wanted to use every bit of him. He added his index finger inside and brought his thumb up to her clit, his little finger on her taint, and began to pump his hand into her, slowly increasing the speed as he plunged to meet her G-Spot and rub her clit on the outside. She reached down and gripped his shoulder tight, letting him know it was time. As he began to hammer her sweet spot, she threw her head back, arched her spine and let out a primal cry. They both yelped in delight as she squirted on his hand, arm and chest.

she would never know 5

Pure animal magnetism brought them together, and united them in the heat of this moment. In a second she was on her knees and on him. She flipped him around and slammed his back against the wall. In another instant she had disappeared his pants across the room and was tugging on his long cock. It was just perfect to her liking, not some ridiculous eight and a half inches, but just enough over half a foot to reach to the back of her throat. He soon discovered this for himself ,gasping in breathless delight as she engorged him in her cheeks, sloppily lined it in her saliva, and took him as deep as she could. She pressed him against the wall with one hand on his chest and her other reaching under him. He jumped a bit in surprise when she reached around to his massage his taint as she rolled his testicles around gently in her hands. She rose her head up and down on his thick member, driving him wild till he grasped her by her hair and begged her to not let him cum yet. She grinned as her saliva mixed with his pre-cum dripped down her face, and she slowly stroked the shaft and kissed his tip. She looked up at him with those gorgeous eyes, and, while the glorious glint of pure innocence shown in her eyes, she smacked his cock with her other hand. He yelped in surprised delight, and sent her down a smoldering look. He dropped to her level, picked her up, turned around and pinned her on the wall, his hard cock pressing between her sweet labia. He tugged back on her hair and looked deeply into her eyes, kissed her passionately, and then grinned like a devilish rogue.

“YOU’RE MINE…” he growled intently.

She kneeled one leg on the chair, crossing it with her standing leg, as he grabbed her hips and pulled her back to his chest. He hugged her in close, squeezing on her breast with one hand while he guided his cock in between her tightened legs. He held it there by the tip, grinding into her hips and lips, his tip touching her clit each downward stroke. She whimpered as he smacked his pelvis against her ass full force, leaning into her now. He grabbed her hair and turned her head up and around to face him and meet eyes. They gazed deeply into each others, intuitively conversing all that need be said. She relinquished control to him, and he took it. With one hand he reached around to massage her breast and hold her up. With the other he gripped her at the hip, sliding his fingers into her tight thighs to find her clit and rub as he began to thrust. Ever so deep, she reeled in the pleasure as he started out slow, working his way into the nearly intolerable friction. She couldn’t believe how massive he felt inside her; his tip worked into her clitoris on this inside, hitting that G-Spot every time as he stroked her on the outside as well. She shuddered in his arms with each hit, hardly keeping it together as he began to speed up, hitting against her ass with full impact, his balls slapping off her thighs with each stroke. He had to look down and see her ass getting rammed, and what a treat the sight of her cheeks shaking from each impact was! He buried his face into the crease of her shoulder, biting down into her skin to keep from screaming at full volume. She wrapped one around his and reached back to grab his ass, the other holding on to the chair as it rocked from the movement. He groaned into her shoulder and began to kiss up her neck, up to her ear and behind, then gently nibbling and sucking on her earlobe. The building pressure began to become too much to bear anymore, and she cried out she was about to cum to him. He lifted her off the chair as he continued to thrust into her and laid her on her stomach, flat down on the bed. As he pounded into her ass, she began to push up against the bed and cry out. As he felt her insides begin to squeeze, he pulled out and replaced his dick with his fingers in her pussy, and got her off at the same time as he came, sweet droplets of him raining down all over her back. He fell on the bed beside her and they kissed, reveling together in such an incredible orgasmic ecstasy. It was the perfect ending to such a perfect night.

She would never know 6

He awoke as soon as morning pierced the drawn curtains and lit the naked couple, in each other’s arms and legs entwined. He saw how it danced off her hair and backlit her gorgeous face, and as he lay there with her, he knew he was the luckiest man in the world to have been able to be intimate with the most amazing woman. He saw only the stars in her eyes, the future of their love in her heart, and the future of their family in her luscious body. No other woman could have such an impact on him, and to feel this way with her here, so tight in his arms…

When she woke he greeted her tenderly with a light, loving kiss.

“Good morning, you magnificent angel.” he said.

She smiled as their gaze met, and she marveled at how he had treated her like an absolute Queen, and he fucked her in a way she had only dream! She yearned to lay it all on the line with him; she needed to know if what she felt was real. How could she have finally found something as elusive and precious as a true romance?

They began to kiss and their arms and hands explored and dug into each other’s backs. As he began to roll her on her back and lean into the kiss, she stopped him with her hands on his chest.

“No.” she whispered. “This time, you’re MINE.”

He grinned and lay back on the bed as she crawled on top of him. seating herself on his cock and slowly rubbing up and down it, her dripping lips moistening the sides. He was being driven out of his mind by how amazing she was. He secretly loved to let be led, and the way she took to the dominant role made him so hot he could hardly stand it. He whimpered as her clit glided around the tip of his dick, her hands sliding up and digging her fingers into his chest.

“Take me… I’m yours.” he groaned.

She squealed in delight and reached down to scoop him into her pussy. She gyrated her hips around on him, moving him all around inside, using his tip and shaft to get every angle and make him crazy. She held him down by his shoulders as she began to lift herself up and down on him, slowly speeding up until she was bouncing up and down on him as fast as she could. He arched his head back into the pillows, gripping her hips as tight as he could, giving her a nice smack on the ass. She squealed as she felt the sting of his hand against her fat cheek, and she leaned over to whisper in his ear.

“Now… now I want to see what you can do, boy.”

Their eyes met as he grinned from ear to ear, wrapping his arms around her, holding her tight against his chest as he raised his legs up and propped them up against her ass. He kissed her so deeply, pressing her into the kiss with his hand on the back of her head as he began to drill her ass as hard as he could.

she would never know 7

As he lay panting and covered in his own cum, he smiled at her as she was getting off the bed.

“Damn, boy, you sure are one hell of a ride…” she said with a wink and a grin, and she headed into the bathroom.

“I aim to please!” he called after her with a grin.

As she left the bathroom and he entered, they kissed. She wondered again what his thoughts on their relationship were, but she knew better than to ask a man, she thought. She would invariably feel heartbroken and disappointed. She decided it was best to leave things how they were and go on about her life, she decided as she dressed. She’d gotten what she’d needed; she had her escape, and she couldn’t expect that to go any further. There was a real world with real, important work to do, and she had already blown off one day of that living her little one night romance fantasy. She left the room while the shower was still running.

As she drove away and headed to her apartment, she reminisced behind the wheel of the time they had spent together. He seemed like the type that was what she had been looking for all along, but she was too old to believe in silly fantasies about living in far-away lands, happily ever-damn after, like she was still a little girl watching Disney movies. She was no damn Princess, and she sure wasn’t going to stick around for the week the relationship probably would’ve lasted to get her heartbroken over fantastic dreams.

When he emerged from the bathroom, he realized in the middle of the sentence he had started that the room was empty. He panicked and looked all over the room for any trace of her belongings. He dressed as hurriedly and haphazardly as he could, and rushed down the six flights of stairs to get to the lobby desk. The attendant informed him he was 10 minutes late; she had long since driven away. He thanked her trying to hold back his tears in the middle of the morning crowd. He rushed out to the street hoping beyond hope he might catch a glimpse of her in the crowd, the way he first saw her, before he resigned himself and broke down on the bench he had sat on every day. He had no way to contact her or even a name, and he had no chance of asking her to come back to live with him on the West Coast. He clawed at his head in agony as the pitiful half-moan, half-cry came out of his mouth. How could she leave him like this, after everything that they had shared together?

She’d never know how much she meant to him…

she would never know 2

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Currently in Production
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