Valentine’s Delight by @SexualGent69 18+

valentines 1

As you and I sit down to eat the meal you have prepared for us on this fine Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but stare at your wonderful figure in the very fitting black dress you are wearing. With the help of the flickering candle in the middle of the table just ever so slightly illuminating the room enough to see your pretty little smile and those very luscious red lips of yours. As we finish our dinner, I volunteer to clean the dishes and put them away as you excuse yourself for a moment.

Just as I finish, you slowly stride into the kitchen wearing only purple lace panties and a matching bra. I’ve never seen anything quite so mesmerizing before. I walk over to you, knowing exactly what you want, and whisper in your ear as I proceed to remove your bra, “You won’t be needing this.” I throw the bra to the floor and start removing your panties while I kiss your neck. I can’t help myself, I feel a burning desire inside me to ravish your body for both of our pleasure.

valentines 2

I sit down on one of the wooden chairs in the dining room as I motion for you to come here. I bend you over my knees and grab your hair with one hand. I say in a very soothing voice, “You’re going to do exactly as I tell you, or there will be consequences for disobeying,” then I spank you,  leaving a tender pink hand print on your ass. You let out a whimper, “Yes Sir.”  I motion for you to follow me as I head towards the bedroom.  You kneel on the carpeted floor as I retrieve a few items from the closet. Your eyes widen as I turn towards you and smirk holding a few lengths of rope, a red candle, and a vibrator.  As you’re kneeling I grab your wrists and tie them together behind your back snug but not too tight before wrapping the rope around your ankles as well and tying them snug.

I light the red candle and place it on a near by nightstand. As you stare up at me, I slowly unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants, pulling out my slightly aroused cock. “Open wide sweetheart, I wanna feel your wet tongue.” You whisper, “Yes Sir” as you run your tongue up the length of my cock feeling every pulsing vein. I grab your hair and force myself all the way down your throat as you gag. Then I pull myself out and you gasp for air. I ask, “you like that darling?” And as you begin to answer “yes s–” I shove my now fully aroused cock down your throat as you gag and are unable to breathe. I hold myself in, staring into your eyes as they begin to water. I pull myself out and walk towards the nightstand as I hear you gasping for air.

valentines 4

I grab the red candle and bring it near you. I kneel on the floor in front of you and place my hand around your throat. Your mascara lightly running down your cheeks as my grip tightens and your eyes water a little more.  I let you go and begin to suck on your tits and kiss your sweet breasts a few times before dripping the excess wax off the candle onto your breasts and stomach. You let out a yelp and I cover your mouth. “Shhhh,  we don’t want anyone to happen to hear us my darling.” You nod and I blow out the candle. I take the vibrator, turn it on and place it on your clit. You start to moan and whimper. I push the vibrator on your clit more aggressively and listen to your moans.

You start to quiver.  I grab your hair and put my forehead to yours staring into each other’s eyes. “Beg me, beg me darlin.” You whimper “Please Sir, please let me cum.”  You cum and fall to your side in relief. I put the vibrator and candle away and untie you. I lay you on your back on the bed and kiss your wrists where the rope made light marks. Then I kiss your lips and whisper, “I wanna taste what I did to you.” I place loving kisses down your succulent body from your neck to your inner thighs before lightly licking the juices and your clit. Then I rub my cock on your pussy as you bite your lip and look at me. I place your legs over my shoulders and interlock my hands perfectly with your hands above your head before I slip my cock slowly into your pussy as you moan, “Oh baby it feels so good.” I thrust deep but gently. I can feel your eager pussy grabbing at my cock wanting more. As you bring me to the edge you feel my muscles start to tighten, you hold me inside you as I moan and shoot my load in to your tight wet pussy. We kiss passionately as my fresh warm cum drips from your satisfied pussy. We collapse in a heap on the bed smiling, kissing, and holding each other before drifting off to sleep in a state of bliss and euphoria.

valentines 5

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Currently in Production  The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood
Currently in Production
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood

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