Baptised In Brutality


Does August 10th signify an important date for you?  It has become a special day for two of my sisters and I.  Today marks the one year anniversary of the day I was Baptised into Brutality, drawn into the Madness and given all the Cruel Love a girl can stand and more.
Yes my Darklings, one year ago today I met the acquaintance of two incredible people, and their problem child. With a few utterances of “You will suffer the most,” and the like, I fell into the embrace of the most incredible family you could imagine. TOK Family  bloody, brutal and loving. What more could you ask for?
The madness himself, Matt Farnsworth, brings to all the dark delights you can imagine, and quite a bit of eye candy too.   If you haven’t met Matt, go introduce yourself. You won’t be sorry.
If you have an eye for beauty and brains, then Diane Foster , my Slaysome Sister is just the ticket. She’s tough, she’s badass and she’s fucking gorgeous to boot. Add in that awesome, and cringe worthy talent and you have perfection.
Then, there’s Marcus Miller, The Orphan Killer. He’s a piece of work, always ready to stalk and hand out a threat or two. This guy is brutal. He’s also banned intro countries. If you haven’t checked him out, and you love slashers, he’s your man.
I’ve learned a lot of lessons at the hands of this killer crew, the largest being that Family is everything. You watch each other’s backs, prey together, slay together, always with love and respect. And how could you not hold all that?
The TOK Murder Crew have embarked on the long and much anticipated second film from Matt Farnsworth, The Orphan Killer 2, Bound x Blood. Already in production, this adventure is proving to be much more brutal and bloody. It boasts a cast of talent that will blow your heads off. And no, I won’t tell. You’ll have to wait.
With such slayers as brother Simpat Beshirian,  he of Severed Souls/Nocturnal Creations,  working his SFX Magic and Kaleb Tholen Unit Production Manager and Associate Producer in this venture,  as well as our own First Knight Keeper of The Crimson Quill and My Brother in Brutality Matt Horwich, watch out ladies, he’s a wild one. Bound x Blood  will surely set the horror world on fire. All this to say, I’ve gained so much by being part of this amazingly talented family, and I raise my machete in salute to a fantastic year, and many more ahead. Follow the links below and introduce yourself to #TOKFamily

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