A Deal With The Devil by Melissa’s Dark Angel

deal with the devil

While others are waiting to die, some are waiting to live.

For the shame she bared and the despair she felt,  what was her life for?

Angry and alone she had no where to run except to that voice in her head that whispered,

My dear you are the Chosen, no more pain, no more cutting,

no more broken promises.  All you have to do is say I want more power. 

To live and feel and to be who I am, in a quick hiss so loud it rang in her ears

Now a drop of your blood to seal your fate

She took the blade with a snake on it from the rugged being and sliced her arm

Blood,  so much blood, Now smear it on this board and I shall give you a mate

He will watch over you and fufill your darkest desires. Just don’t cross him or you will suffer and burn in my pit .

A silver winged angel appeared with the blackest of eyes and turned into man, to her surprise

He lay her on a black satin sheet, a bed all red

told her to drink of his cup and feel the power she so desired.

With no hesitation down it went, she was dizzy and saw beings around her

didn’t bother her as she began to undress

with her perky breast and curves to die for,  a pussy so soft and a plump apple ass

he was pleased, his breath was cold as her nipples became hard from the chill

he moved her closer and got her scent…oh how he loved it

Yes, she will be perfect to grow my seed…little does she know I am the Devil and the Devil is me

beings chanted…from all she drank she could barely stand

Come my beauty and lie your loveliness here, for your desire starts now

He sucked her nipples and nibbled them too,  licked down her belly which seemed to burn & she quivered at this

He made his way to her perfect pink slit…oh how she bucked her hips with pure desire

As he felt himself grow and his anger & lust boil he ramed his burning icy cock deep inside her

with a blast of cold air and the beings in black robes watching intently

the Devil’s wings lit on fire as he pumped his seed deep down inside her.

“Nooo!” she cried as she saw what he truly was

too late, the deal is done.

her transformation began, and her wings grew black and piercing amber eyes began to glow

he said pick your name and it will be stamped on your wings

and in a sweet hiss she said “call me Dark Angel”

deal with the devil 2



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Coming Summer 2014
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Coming Summer 2014

The Orphan Killer Steelbook is available now! 


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