Blood Bath by Melissas Dark Angel


Ya see, when I was young

I knew I was different then most girls my age

I stayed away from all of them

my thirst for there blood shook me inside

I asked Sallie to show me where the old tree was

she complied

I picked up a rock and hit the back of her head

like a watermelon busting open when hit hard

Sallie had more to come

I came to realize I had to cut out the bad parts

and leave the best for last

I always carried my little pocket knife

I stole from my dad

I ripped each ear off

stuffed them down her throat

the eyes…the watchfull eyes had to come next

as I popped each, a little nerve still intact

I plucked them out and bit hard

while eye fluid hit my cheeks

oh yes, my time to rip up her spine

and see a back full of dominos

no backbone now she said

desire & hate as I looked at Sallie

she took two sticks and jabbed them in her sides

yes…blood…a lot to…the best for last

she knew Sallie’s heart was tainted

as she cut open her chest like a pro

and got her prize..Sallie’s heart!

She tore at it like a rabid animal

she ran the blood all over her face

and swallowed the taste of new life

poor Sallie has my old life

torn apart

blood bath



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Coming Summer 2014
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Coming Summer 2014

The Orphan Killer Steelbook is available now! 



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