Saved By The Monster by Shayla and Courtney Philemon and Mena King

The following tale was written by the talented daughters of Sister Tactful Temptress. Shayla Philemon as herself, Courtney Philemon as Lily, and Mena King as Chloe. They each took turns, and wrote one line at a time. Hope you all enjoy!!!!
Also starring The Monster.


There was an abandoned cabin in the woods, where a family used to live, and in the cabin were a bunch of old pictures. They contained older generations and newer generations. There were three sisters who found the cabin. Their names were Shayla, Lily, and Chloe. They came across the cabin while walking a trail in the woods. They approached the cabin and tried to look through the windows but that didn’t work. So they tried opening the door. As they touched the door it opened a little, but then slammed shut and locked. They tried to open the window, but when they tried to open it there appeared a face. The face was very worn and decayed looking. The cheeks were sunken in and there were bags and rings around the eyes from barely sleeping. The group jumped back away from the window.  Then the face disappeared.


The sisters went running back up the trail toward the main road. As they were running they heard footsteps behind them. As they turned they saw nothing. They started walking back towards where the sound came from. Suddenly there appeared a Monster. When they turned to look at the Monster they saw he was laughing. One of the kids looked and asked, “Why are you laughing?” The Monster said, “RUN!” So they started running back towards the main road again. The Monster started running after the little group yelling, “Don’t split up! Stay together!” But they didn’t listen, they split up anyway. And then they heard a scream in the distance. Shayla turned to look back for the noise. When she turned around there was a shadow standing right in front of her. The figure reached out and grabbed her. She screamed and tried desperately to get away. Lily heard her sister scream and went to go find her. Chloe was left alone, so she stayed right where she was, and waited. Then she noticed a path leading in the direction Lily had gone and followed it. Chloe caught up with Lily, and as they rounded the corner there stood Shayla with a terrified look on her face. The girls heard a familiar voice calling their names. They all ran in the direction of the cabin, where the voice seemed to come from. When they got there they found the Monster, who had been teasing them all along. He led the three girls into the cabin to hide. But Chloe, being the youngest, thought it was a bad idea. Lily and Shayla ran out and grabbed her, dragging her inside. Chloe went to hide with the Monster, so she would feel safer. Being inside the cabin put everyone more at ease. Just then there was a loud bang on the door. Monster was going to see what the noise was but Chloe wouldn’t let him. He finally called Shayla and Lily to keep Chloe calm. When she wouldn’t calm down, they tried to get her to take a nap. She pretended to go to sleep, then when no one was looking, snuck away. She followed the Monster to where the noise was. Lily ran after her yelling “CHLOE COME BACK!!” She finally got her calmed down and they went to find Shayla and the Monster. When they found them they were relieved. The loud bang they heard had been a large bird that flew into the door. After returning the bird to the woods, the Monster led the three girls out to his little blue car, and took them to his lair.


The girls were astonished at all the cool gadgets and things all around the Monster’s home, and wandered around for hours checking things out. Lily found a really cool knife and started playing with it. Chloe said “Lily, put that down!” and yawned. Shayla yelled at Lily to stop playing with the knife, and told Chloe to go lay down, and take a real nap this time. The Monster came in, saw Lily playing with the knife, and took it from her. She let out a blood-curdling scream. When the Monster saw Chloe finally sleeping, he took her and put her in his nest, where it was quiet.


Lily started getting sleepy, so she curled up on the floor beside the nest and fell asleep. Suddenly Chloe woke up screaming because she had a bad dream. Shayla and the Monster ran in, frantically trying to figure out what was wrong. Lily continued sleeping throughout all the chaos. When the Monster asked Chloe what was wrong, she wouldn’t speak. Shayla remembered that Chloe sometimes has terribly bad nightmares, so she told the Monster. He gave her a warm glass of milk, and Chloe finally went back to sleep, and slept the rest of the night. Shayla and the Monster stayed up for hours talking about all sorts of things, until they both fell asleep. Sometime in the night, Lily jolted awake, jumped into Monsters lap for protection, and went back to sleep. The next morning when the girls woke up, the Monster had bacon, eggs, pancakes, cookies, everything their hearts desired, waiting for them.


Even with a kitchen full of food, Shayla and Chloe barely ate. Lily decided she would eat everything, so the Monster wouldn’t feel bad. When she was finished the only thing left was popcorn.


Monster told them about his pet Griggles and that all they will eat is popcorn. The girls wanted them inside so Lily left a trail of popcorn leading through the front door.


They hid behind the couch because the Griggles are bashful. When they were all inside, Shayla snuck around and closed the door. Chloe picked up a piece of popcorn and coaxed a Griggle to her. He snatched the popcorn from her hand and ran to hide. Lily ran and jumped on a Griggle the same color blue as Monster’s little blue car. It tried to get away, but she wouldn’t let it. Chloe finally caught one, a purple and black one, and named her Emily. Shayla then told Lily to put the Griggle down, and let it go. Lily screamed “NO!!!” and ran to hide behind the Monsters nest. Chloe took Emily to play and eat popcorn together, while Shayla chased Lily, trying to save the Griggle from her tight grasp. Lily stopped, turned, and yelled in Shayla’s face, “NOOOOO!!! BOB IS MINE!!! MONSTER SAID SO!!!” Chloe was scared Shayla would try to take Emily away, so she took her and the popcorn, ran outside, and they hid in the base of a tree. Shayla finally got Bob away from Lily, and ran to find Chloe. Lily threw a tantrum because he was taken away, and ran and bit Shayla on the leg. Chloe was upset because they ran out of popcorn, and Emily started whining. Shayla then asked Monster if he had anymore popcorn. Lily calmed down and Shayla gave Bob back to her.  Chloe went to get more popcorn from Monster, and shared with Lily and Bob. Monster came in from the kitchen saying that there was no more food, and no more popcorn. So they all hopped into the little blue car, and headed out for groceries……

To be continued…..


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