The Visitor

The  sky lights up
The clouds let loose
Rain taps lightly on my roof

Soft pitter patter
Turns to a heavy pour
The wind howls heavily
It wants through my door

Thunder booms
The house shakes
Windows rattle
Could this be my fate?

Something scratches on the door
Is it the Raven?


My pulse quickens
My mouth dries
Are these tears in my eyes?

The door knob shakes
Turning to and fro
Something cries in a loud moan


The thunder claps
Lightening flashes in the sky
The lights go out
In blackness am I

My breathing comes fast
Tears stream down my face
The creak of a door
A shadow silhouette, standing in place.


The thunder claps
Lightening flashes in the sky
This silhouette holds
The reddest of eyes

My feet are like lead
I can not move
The silhouette comes closer
Bringing to me my doom

The silhouette comes near
We’re face to face
The smell of sulphur surrounds me
Like an embrace

Death is here
I see that now
The Maiden of Death has found me
I know not how

All is quiet as I await the end
Rain softly falls on the roof again


The lights come on
The humming of life
Eyes wide open
She’s nowhere in sight

Death came here
To take me away
Death already knows
I live to fight another day


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