Asylum – The End

*required previous reading Asylum

reaper 8

I have no idea
where I am anymore
It feels like I’ve been here
for years
Although they tell me
it’s only been a month
There is no sense of time
and my head hurts
Once in a while
I remember something
but it disappears quickly
Never long enough
to hold onto
I was in that room
That one
I don’t want to go there again
Just looking at the door
makes me afraid
shaking & crying

reaper 10
I just pissed myself
no one notices
as I just sit there
in a puddle
I can’t seem to focus
Something feels different
Someone else is here
I can’t see him
I feel him nearby
close to me
I don’t want him there
just go away!
It’s almost as if
he’s taunting me
There’s a buzzing in my head
and humming
Is he singing?
Why is he doing this to me?
And why are the nurses ignoring me?
Now they’re coming
I do need a bath
the water is too cold!
bunch of bitches
He’s here again
in the corner of my room now
I can almost see him
But not quite
Am I hallucinating?
Is this a side effect of the treatment?
Can they see him?
It doesn’t appear so
I don’t like him watching me
I try to sleep
But I feel his eyes on me

reaper 9

The light is so bright
must be morning
and my visitor is gone
What’s that commotion?
The lady in the next room
They’re saying she’s dead
choked on her own vomit
in her sleep
I don’t care
I can vaguely recall
her yelling at me
over and over for no reason
what a cunt
good riddance
Standing in her doorway
He’s in the corner
I can see him clearly now
Long black hooded robe
Holding in his hands
Something sharp and shiny
I wake up on that table again
No no NO!
What did I do?
What are they yelling about?
They’re saying I went mad
clawing at my face
He’s here
in the room
smiling at me
There go the lights
I don’t feel anything
no pain
none at all
He’s right next to me
taking my hand
And suddenly
I’m not afraid anymore

reaper 7

reaper 11

The Queen of Hell



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