Internal Thoughts by Dark One

Darkness is full, the moon all bright,  shining through the woods tonight

Beams of light,  within the stars,  like a arrow in the heart

Cutting deep,  blood ties bloom from the tomb

Trapped inside,  no looking back from the trouble of the beaten trap

Forever now lost,  what is it for you to do?

Internal thoughts 2

Open up,  blood spills out,  life unfolds,  the beast is out

Looking about for you right now,  no longer here,  the body cries out

Holding on, holding close,  tight to you, will not let go

Reigning down, the pain comes out

Washing all the tears away

Keeping you safe

Not going out,  for keeps, to fold,  let the fun begin

What is this I tell you? bullshit to some,  wisdom to all

Beauty,  to all the power unleashed

Looking at you,  the passion’s  all there

Internal thoughts 3

Tying you down,  locking you up

Ready to use

Abuse and torture

Pleasure and pain

Be there now,  for me,  I am but true

Loving you is long overdue

Consider,  concede,  deep within

Enter the spurting

To the deepest of the core so bright

Pain is now, No way out

I take you for my delight

Internal thoughts 4

Eyes roll back, the white is seen

The beasts unrestrained

The passion is full

The nigh has come, darkness steals you, takes you away

Unlock the sight

No time, no need to fight

Bring it down, the day turns to light

Internal thoughts 5

For you now child

Forever with me

No longer apart,  no longer able to see…………….



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Currently in Production
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Currently in Production


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