Musings From The Reaction Gallery: Stand Up

JFC when did our society go to Hell? I’m so glad I missed that bus. It seems to me that we need to start taking a harder line on what is acceptable and what is not. Art is subjective and individual. Any of you reading this already know this. What is art and beautiful to me may not be beautiful for your eye to behold. But seriously, do any of us have the right to be openly nasty and cruel about it?? FUCK NO.


What am I on about? Well I’ll tell you. Someone was being extremely rude and making nasty comments about a lady I hold in very high esteem, someone I happen to love and care much for. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, to make comments about her looks and the like in a disgustingly mean manner is unacceptable to me. Especially when she is the most warm, loving supportive and accessible person I know. There is no excuse for it.


Rudeness, even though I, myself have been guilty of it on occasion, I’m nearly human after all, is something I cannot abide by, especially when the individual KNOWS they are doing it. I did not hold back on my thoughts and let this person know he was an asshole, and I hold zero remorse for it. Perhaps once upon a time I might have been more diplomatic, but no longer. Niceties have their place but not and never when bullying and cruelty are in play. It matters not whether it is a child or adult, creature or otherwise, and it is something I’ve seen, dealt with and subscribed to since ever I can remember. No one deserves to be pulled apart, ripped to shreds or treated as though their feelings are not of consequence. I’d do the same for anyone in need.


The fact that others had obviously seen this and chose not to stand up and speak injures my heart. Would any of you enjoy dealing with this and have no one rush to your defence? I say not. Each and every person whose eyes this touches would be grateful for assistance. If you say no, I am openly screaming LIES! I did as I always do. I stood true in defence and stood up for my friend and sister. A few also did and to those who threw themselves into he fray, as you’ve done each and every time, you have my love and gratitude. It’s never easy to expose yourself, to bare your chest in the trajectory of a bullet, be it verbal or not. You all earned a medal of honour in my books.


For the rest of you, I challenge you to search within yourselves. Think about it. When the day comes that those barbed comments reach your own eyes and ears, consider the lesson. You might be glad to have someone stand up for you, when you are unable to do it for yourselves. Bullying is never okay. It’s never right. And never justified.

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