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Time for a little straight talk. What the fuck is it with passing judgments and making assumptions? Has no one ever heard that assuming makes an ass out of you….and me? I’m guilty too…Never denied it. My own thought processes have gotten me in trouble before, hardly a shock to those who know me. I open my big fucking mouth so wide I could fall in and disappear, but if I offend, I apologise and move forward, hoping that my stupid heart can keep its fucking mouth shut. It never does. I seem to be in the minority however. Pick a cliché, it comes to the same damned thing…Never judge a book by its cover blah blah blah. Too many of us in “polite” society make assumptions based on little information and less knowledge for that to have much bearing.

Polite society what a joke. There is no such animal anymore. Oh way back in the olden days, lets pick the 80’s shall we, it was still in full swing. Oh hell we were rude and rebellious and didn’t give a single fuck what anyone thought save the cliques we were dying to get into…in some cases it was literally dying. What’s my point? We need a return to values and morals is what. Yeah Yeah I said it before.  Is it sinking in?  Oh I’m not talking the prehistoric ideals that our grandmothers and mothers had to deal with. To hell with that shit. I mean using our noggins for more than storing every moment of our favourite films, mine would be Big Fish and please, do get me started on The Orphan Killer….*insert evil laugh here*

The Orphan Killer Full Fathom Five Studios  Now In Production
The Orphan Killer
Full Fathom Five Studios

Where was I…Using our noodles for more than storing twitter handles? THINK. Use the brain that we evolved to have and THINK before you speak. It’s not a difficult concept people…Mouth Shut…Brain in Gear. Anything other that so makes people look rude and uncaring and I know that not everyone is…. Thank the Above that I was born with a cast iron filter that keeps me from shooting verbal bullets at every provocation.  I’m a hot head.  Are you surprised?

Let’s be real. Society has become a gathering of closed-minded individuals who choose to turn off anything they don’t or won’t understand. It’s become acceptable to be rude even in the most civilized gathering. If I had a bat handy each and every time I had someone turn away in mid conversation because “I don’t get what you’re saying,” there’s be a trail of bludgeoned corpses littering The Path. How hard is it people? A polite question to expand or feigning interest isn’t so difficult is it? If you truly care for the person isn’t it worth pulling yourself out of your box and at least TRY? There’s much I don’t understand, but I fucking TRY to follow along. Gone are the days where etiquette demands small talk and learning. How can we maintain our empathy with so many refusing to participate?

Speaking of participating, parenting in this day and age is enough to drive a person off the deep end. Media and television have destroyed the minds of our youth. Try as I might, my HellSpawn seem to only be able to discuss MineCraft, Skyrim and YouTube. What the fuck? When the hell did these things become so all-encompassing? Last night the topic of ancient cultures was on deck and Lo! Behold! Egyptian mummification practices discussion turns into how to build in MineCraft. I groaned and went for a breath of fresh air.


It’s our job to educate, and yet it seems a lost cause. Short of running away screaming for some isolated island with no internet or electricity what are we to do? The standards of education are somehow lacking in my opinion these days…too much technology and not enough eye contact.  Not that I’m bitching about my kids teachers, they are great!  What I’m getting at is this.  The kids are no better prepared after high school gradation for life than we were in grade 6. Of course, our parents were active participants in our lives, they conversed with us, tried to teach us what to expect and there were no laptops, tablets or smart phones.

Conversation has become a lost art with today’s youth. One thing that social media has been a godsend for is to reanimate the small talk and meaningful conversations that have all but disappeared in our daily lives. What a damn shame too. We miss out on so much by not looking someone in the eye when you speak, that mind licking experience that you just can’t get over a device, or on the telephone. I mean, texting is fine and emails too, but there is a more personal connection when you SEE someone. You can’t hide and that’s a doubled edged sword.

Why do words hurt so much? I mean really, what are they, a bunch of letters put into a pleasing array that roll off the tongue. They have no teeth or claws in the literal sense.  So why? Because we are fucking human that’s why. We have feelings and words are a reflection of what we are experiencing or thinking. If your thoughts bear barbed wire,  perhaps reconsideration of speech is required.  Words are lethal weapons people…again, Brain in Gear.


Some question why they should bother putting their Brain in Gear, when it largely goes unheard unless they do turn their words into weapons. Why bother breathing?  Why not go into perpetual sensory deprivation.  At least in your madness you may gain a new perspective. Or kick-start  your brain.   Thinking is what makes us top of the food chain, King or Queen, of the Jungle.  We are animals, at our cores, and humanity has taught us to chain it to the wall, muzzle it until needed.  Animal or not, it comes to our choices to Listen and respond. If others don’t, so be it. Fuck them. All we can do is try.

That brings to mind What Dreams May Come, and the events that played out between that particular grouping. Most will take away a message of Soul Mates and love conquering all blah blah blah romantic bullshit. But in truth they are right. I have and will again, go through Hell to reach someone I love, mostly to no fucking avail. There are other messages however, that your life isn’t written, Soul Mates or not, you take your Path and leave the rest to The Above, that our lives are static, always changing. Suck it up buttercup. Make your own destiny, Forge your own Path. Pick up your axe or weapon of choice. and hack the hell out of that obstacle in your way.

One thing I’ve learned is that you make yourself what you want to be. If you see your dream, if it’s close enough to reach out and throttle, grab hold and choke the bastard into submission. Only you can do it. It goes back to what I said before, we forge our own Path.  Sometimes it gets bloody as Hell and darker than Satan’s asshole, but hey, we came into this world naked and covered in blood…why the hell not go back out that way? It doesn’t have to be your own. This concludes The Reaction Gallery for now. Thank you for your time. Now move along…nothing to see here.

Marcus Minion


Death Maiden


The Orphan KIller 2 Bound x Blood Full Fathom Five Studios Now In Production
The Orphan KIller 2
Bound x Blood
Full Fathom Five Studios
Now In Production
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