Danse de la Mort – Fin

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Young People Waiting Outside Nightclub

He heard the beat of the music coming from the club entrance as he rounded the corner & brushed a bit of dirt off his sleeve.  He was surprised his encounter with the attacker in the alley hadn’t caused more damage to his suit but he was glad of it.   There was just a small line of people waiting at the entrance and he found himself standing behind a very petite brunette who was chatting angrily on her cell phone.  He wasn’t trying to eavesdrop but caught her end of the conversation…she’d been planning to meet a date here but he was not on time.    He smiled to himself as he stared her up & down from behind…she couldn’t have been much more that 5 feet tall & had very nice curves for someone so tiny.   What an interesting companion she could make.

fin 5

He lost sight of her as she paid her way inside and wandered off inside the massive throng.  It was much larger inside than the previous club and there was an upper level that could be reached from staircases on either side.  He slowly wandered around the lower level from the right side to the left around the central dance floor as he took in the faces of all the patrons.   He was still feeling a bit anxious, not as bad as earlier and he wasn’t sure if he needed another kill but he’d stay a while to see what happened.  He was about to head to the upper floor when he saw the brunette from earlier sitting at the bar.   As he stood there watching a man came up to her smiling, hugged her and kissed her cheek.  She seemed a bit taken aback but he could tell she recognized him…he could read body language pretty well and he assumed this was who she’d been on the phone with outside.   The man was very touchy-feely and she seemed a bit irritated by it…pushing his hands away when he tried to put his arm around her waist.   He walked towards the bar and sat at the end where he could watch them without being too obvious.    They were just sitting & talking but she seemed upset…almost like she didn’t want to be there and the man tried to joke around with her but she wasn’t playing along.   She got up suddenly as if to leave and he grabbed her arm, jerking her backwards and she almost slipped & fell.  Steadying herself quickly she swung around & slapped him…totally catching him off guard.   He could see the man’s face as she walked away…first in shock then with an angry scowl as he almost ran after her out of the club.  Marcus couldn’t help it…he had to follow and see what may possibly happen.

Fin 2

He made his way outside and walked around, listening quietly.  They were nowhere in sight and he saw just a few people hanging around the entrance.  Looking around he made his way to the alley he had been through before & as he got closer he heard angry shouts.  Peeking around the corner he saw the man angrily shove the woman against the wall and try to kiss her, holding her hands down as she tried to fight him off.  He then punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground where she lay there unmoving.  He bent down over her, tore at her dress ripping it all down the front…his hands quickly moving over her exposed skin before he realized he was being watched.  He looked up at the moment Marcus was on him…picking him up & throwing him against the ground.  The woman was just coming to and he turned around to see her slowly get to her feet & stumble, trying to keep her knees from buckling.  She stared at Marcus as he smiled back at her & then said “Do you want to pay him back for what he’s done to you? I can show you how.”  The man was moaning on the ground as he took her hand & stood her over him.   He bent down next to the man & took the package out of his pocket, laying the contents on the ground.  Handing her the barbed wire he instructed her to wrap the man’s wrists as he looked around for a weapon.   There was an piece of an old chain-link fence connecting part of the building and a lot of the sharp edges had come loose.  He ripped part of it out and used it to bind the man’s legs, embedding the sharpest points into the skin as the man cried out.   Lying against the fence he saw a rotted 2×4 with several long nails sticking partially out of the wood…he picked that up and brought it to the woman.

Fin 6

Using the rag again as a gag he stuffed it into the man’s mouth.  The woman was crying, shivering and still not completely comprehending what was happening as she clutched at the 2×4.  She was still a bit in shock as Marcus stood in front of her and took her hand, leading her towards the man lying bound & gagged on the alley floor.   He smiled again at her and said “Are you ready for your first lesson in brutality?” and at that he raised her arm up and brought it down hard upon the man, pieces of the 2×4 splintering off as the nails sunk deeply into his stomach.  His eyes almost exploded as he tried to scream but could not.   Marcus took her hand and pulled up hard, yanking the nails out and asking her if she was ready to do it herself.   She raised her arm slowly & hit him again, catching him in the chest but not quite as hard.  “No no no! that’s not good enough…it has to be harder and faster if you want to do the most damage! Do I need to show you again?”  She stared at him and shook her head and without even looking got him in the neck this time, blood spurting out from his jugular when she wrenched it free.  She was still crying as she hit him several more times but the hit to that main artery was quickly draining him.  She fell to the ground in a heap, sobbing and shaking violently.  Marcus knelt beside her, secretly knowing he could not let her free but she had been a good student & she didn’t need to suffer long.   He brushed her hair from the side of her face and as she looked up at him he drove the claw of the hammer into her skull.   He held her as her body twitched & finally went limp.   He removed the barbed wire from the man’s wrists then drug them both to the bushes where he’d stashed the body of his earlier attacker and laid them on top of each other behind the hedge.  He quickly cleared away all the evidence before walking back towards his car.  This had been a very fruitful night and he smiled to himself but he was very tired…he did have to get up & go to work in the morning.

TOK 17

“The character Marcus is based on Matt Farnsworth’s character The Orphan Killer – All rights reserved”

The Queen of Hell


TTPG edited-1

The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

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