The Interview Series: Part Three: The Main Course


The Interview Series: The First Taste

The Interview Series: A Second Helping

Author Note: This chapter was inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey version of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”. I would like to suggest that you listen to this song as you are reading this, because I had it on repeat while writing this chapter. So please enjoy. 

“Are you ready for your reward?”

I don’t know how this man expected me to speak after what he had just done to me. How was I supposed to compose a coherent thought when my brain was literally much? How was I supposed to form a normal sentence with actual words, rather than making noises that could only be deciphered by barnyard animals?!

All I could do was supply him with a simple nod while I licks my lips. I know that my body had just experienced the most amazing thing I didn’t know it was capable of doing, but the way he was looking at me…fired up my libido into over drive like a street racer hitting the NOS button. I’m pretty sure that by the end of this, I will literally be nothing more than a puddle of unrecognizable goo.

Tom quickly unbound my hands, moving his right under my chin, tilting it up so that my eyes locked onto his deep blue eyes. Those eyes told me more than his words ever would, and this was a man known for having a way with words. Those piercing blue orbs held within them dark promises of unadulterated passion and back bending pleasure. It was hard in that moment, to not be overcome with emotion from his gaze.


No, don’t do that! It would ruin the moment. Just go with it.

In that moment, I took initiative as I leaned up to press my lips sweetly against his. I think I might have caught him off guard with my gentleness, but it quickly turned from sweet and gentle, to raw and hungry.

He opened his mouth as our tongues swirled around each other; as if we were two lost souls desperately looking to lose ourselves in each other.

Tom pushed me back until my back collided with the living room wall. My hands found their way to the buttons on his dress shirt, desperately trying to undo them. My hands were shaking with anticipation and sexual frustration that it took what little self-control I had left to NOT rip that well-fitting shirt clean off of him.


Tom’s hands moved down my body to where the zipper of my dress was hiding, unzipping it with such finesse, it was almost like he did this professionally. My hands stopped their mission to push my dress the rest of the way down, kicking it off to the side, not really caring where it landed or what it would’ve knocked over.

After much frustration and the occasional cursing, I finally unbuttoned the offending garment, revealing all that glorious skin that begged to be caressed and kissed.  I pulled the shirt off him, tossing it away to join my dress in no man’s land, my eyes never leaving his chest. The man was a damn Adonis, all the right muscles well-defined in all the right places. He was what a real man was supposed to look like, not too much muscle, but just enough.


Tom lifted me up off my feet, encouraging me to wrap my legs around his waist as he collided his lips with mine. My fingers found their way into his hair again, I couldn’t help myself, and the craving to tug on those luscious locks was unbearable. He reacted by growling as he took my lower lip between his teeth, tugging on it.


“Bedroom, where is it?” He ground out.

“Just through the kitchen, first door on the left.” I breathlessly answered as his lips moved to that spot right beneath my ear.

He moved with such grace, especially with me in his arms, that it seemed almost effortless; like he glided across the floor. It felt like it was in the blink of an eye, one moment I was in his arms and the next I felt my bed beneath my back. He left me alone on the bed long enough to close the door, not that anyone would be barging into my apartment, but it seemed like he didn’t want to be interrupted for any reason.

He slowly made his way back over to me, taking in the sight of me in all my glory for him. He knelt on the bed, crawling his way up my body until he was resting above me. The feeling of his weight on top of me was something that one could seriously become addicted to. I lifted my fingers to touch his chest, grazing down a path to his belt. I could feel his eyes on my as I unbuckled and unzipped his pants, pushing them down as far as I could.

Tom moved with an almost inhuman speed that I didn’t have time to react.  My hands that were once by his waist were now pinned up above my head. It left me exposed to him, like a playground that was built just for him. He grinned like a Cheshire cat as he leaned down and took one of my exposed nipples into his greedy mouth. I threw my head back in ecstasy, allowing myself to fully enjoy the feeling of him sucking and biting as moved to lavish attention upon my other nipple.

This is it, this is how I would die. From sheer, unadulterated pleasure this man was bestowing upon me. 

“Don’t you move your hands unless I tell you to, do you understand me?” He growled as he brought his face up to mine. I unintentionally gulped at the sound of his gravelly voice. When I didn’t answer right away, he moved his hands from holding my in place to clutch my face.


“Do.You.Understand.Me?” he asked me once again, making it a point to punctuate each other.

“Yes.” I whispered.

He let go of my face, as his fingertips ghosted body my body stopping at my thighs. He gripped my inner thighs, pulling them apart as he leaned his face down to my clit, rubbing his nose against it as he took a deep inhale. A shudder rocked through my body from his action.

“You smell downright intoxicating. I’ve had dreams about what you must taste like, and since I have you like this, I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to have your delicious nectar fill my mouth.” With that, he buried his face in between my legs, his tongue lapping and sucking on my clit.


I gasped and arched my back off the bed, trying to push my hips closer to his hungry mouth. I felt the itch to move my hands and bury them deep in his locks, tugging on them . Instead I gripped my comforter tight, I needed something to grip or else I was going to move my hands.

He moved one of his hands up to my breast, massaging and toying with my nipple. The combined sensations were becoming almost intolerable as I felt the familiar coiling in the pit of my stomach. I was close, so close. My breathing turned into deep gasps of breaths as he bit down on my clit, knocking me over the edge.

He pulled away from my clit, wiping the excess juices with the back of his hands. He looked like someone who had just indulged in their first dessert, licking his lips, savoring the taste.

I was still twitching when he moved his hand down to his painfully erect cock, lining it up with my slick entrance. He teased me for a moment, sliding the tip up and down my slit. coating it with the juices that were flowing out of me. He slowly slid himself inside of me, groaning at the feeling of being back inside of me.

“Fucking Christ, darling. It’s just as I remembered. Tight and sinfully wet…and all for me.”

He pulled himself out to the tip before thrusting himself back in to the hilt, causing me to again arch my back up off the bed.


He set a brutal pace with his hips, as if to brand me as his. I wrapped my legs around his waist, drawing him closer to me. He leaned down, licking his way up my neck to my lips as his hands were playing my body like I was a finely turned instrument. The sounds that were coming from my throat were causing it to become raw but I didn’t care. I had never craved another person the way he made me crave for him.

I could no longer fight with myself as my hands moved to touch him. I knew that I shouldn’t, that I would be punished, but I was beyond all rational thought or action. I needed to touch him, needed to run my hands over his delectable body. He moved his hands to my legs, drawing them down from his waist. In a swift movement, he pulled out of me, flipping me over onto my stomach. He pulled my hips up and back as he slammed inside of me.

He pulled my body up against his, holding me with one hand on my hip, the other around my throat.


“I told you to keep your hands where I placed them!” He bellowed as his grip on my hips tightened, causing me to moan. I wanted him to possess me in that moment, consequences be damned.

“You will NOT cum unless I tell you to. If you cum before then, I will fuck you to the breaking point and leave you like that.” He threatened as he bit the side of my neck hard enough to leave a mark, causing me to cry out.


His hand slid down from my neck to my breast, massaging the globe before pinching the erect nipple between his fingers. His hips undulating with a snap, as if to tease me to that delicious point of ecstasy, daring me to disobey him again.

I reached back, my fingers nestled in his locks near the base of his neck, yanking on them firmly. The moan that came out of his mouth should’ve been illegal. It nearly made me come right then and there.

He moved his hand from my hip, trailing those gorgeously long fingers down to my clit, rubbing and pinching it. I again felt that familiar tightening deep in my stomach; I did everything I could not to focus on it. I knew that I was going to be in trouble if he kept it up. I leaned forward, holding myself up on my hands, thrusting my hips back against his.

The emotions that I was experiencing were overwhelming, in spite of everything I had ever told myself, I was hopelessly addicted to this man. I could tell that he was getting close to come, his thrusts were becoming harder, his breath catching. He leaned forward, licking the sweat that was covering my back.

“Fucking hell, tell you are close…please. I don’t know how much longer I can hold back.” He whimpered against my back, almost making me sob at his words.

“Don’t you dare hold back. You’ve brought me to this point, now fucking finish it, damn it.” I grunted, gritting my teeth.

He pulled out of me again, flipping me onto my back. He didn’t miss a beat with his thrusting. He pulled my legs up against my body, spreading them as wide as they could go.

I dragged my fingernails down his back, knowing that I shouldn’t mark him but hey…tit for tat. And then I felt it…the coil that snapped inside of me. I was going to cum and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop it.


“Fuck! I…I’m…going to…”

“Do it! Fucking come, darling. Drench me in your sweet juices as I fill you up.” He encouraged. His words were the spark that ignited my downfall. I came, hard. It was like being hit with a freight train…but in a good way.

I screamed his name, loud enough that I think the people in the next town over were going to need a cigarette. My walls clenched around him, gripping onto his cock as he thrust into me once more, coating my sides with his seed.

I trembled with the aftershocks, hell I was pretty sure I might have even blacked out. Tom’s arms were shaking, trying to support his weight so that he didn’t fall ungentlemanly on top of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down so that his head was against my chest.


I didn’t care that we were both a sweaty heap of goo; I just wanted to feel him as we basked in the afterglow, even if it was momentarily. I ran my fingers gently through his damp curls as I allowed myself a moment to catch my breath.

“Holy hell.” was all I could say. There wasn’t a need for more words. I knew that there wasn’t going to be any romantic declarations; this was just sex….really amazing sex. I stared at my ceiling, waiting for the moment of bliss to be over; for reality to come crashing back.

“I hope that you won’t be greatly disappointed if I don’t leave right away, not that I could right now anyways.” His statement caused me to arch my eyebrow in curiosity.

“I’m not going to profess my undying love for you, but I do want to see where this goes.”

I stopped to ponder for a moment, trying to figure how I wanted to word my response.

“So…are you saying that I’m ‘off-limits’ to all the other boys?”

“Pretty much. You’re mine…deal with it.”

Well…shit…this could be interesting.



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

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