Daemon’s Delight 18+

My body wakes to the feeling of your hand stroking me, the flat of your palm running along the slender side of my ribs, and traveling softly lower. I’m unable to move, consciously, yet my body arches into your touch, having its own mind and choosing to give it over to passion. Your lips tickle the back of my shoulder, your tongue tracing the lines of goose-flesh that runs along my skin, shivering my nerve endings.

I cannot see,  but feel your hand as it reaches up to cup my breast, my hard nipple pressing against the center of your palm. I try to open my eyes, to turn on my back to be able to stare into yours, to kiss you, and hear you whisper of the things you’re going to do to me while I’m incapacitated. I know what you’ve done now, what you finally done, what I’ve waited for,  and give in to your desire, knowing you intend to torture me.

Gently, with increasing pressure you caress my breast, and roll me to my back, fastening your lips to my other nipple, using your teeth, giving me the most pleasurable pain. I can hear my breath coming shorter and quicker, as the sensation of your teeth and tongue make me wetter. I ache to feel your fingers inside me, to feel your tongue on my clit, the  occasional scraping of your teeth against it. Your hand rests against my abdomen, fingers slightly massaging, just above my pubis, teasing, I can feel your smile as you  bite hard,  making me raise my hips.


Oh you are evil, you laugh at my need, as you run your fingers on the inside of my thigh, barely brushing the lips of my pussy. My eyes open and I see you just under my lashes smiling, your tongue licking your lips as you hold my eyes. You know I’m watching.   You kiss me, the pressure of your lips on mine soft as a feather,  contrasting with the rough invasion of your  fingers inside of me and your tongue invading my mouth leaving me gasping, shivering from the sensation of them moving, brushing the walls of my cunt,  moving in and out.  My body writhes, breath coming hard, and I so want to fuck your hand back, to feel your fingers deeper and inwardly curse you.

The more my body responds, The harder you finger me, the harder your kiss, and I feel myself cum, spraying your fingers with my desire. I feel my muscles down on your fingers, and expect you to stop, but you continue hammering harder than you did before and biting down on my nipple. Scream of pleasure escapes my mouth, And you laugh, placing their other hand down on my stomach and holding me there as my body tries to move. I hate you. I love you. My lips mouth over and over again. I hate you. I love you. Finally your fingers stop moving, and pull out of me in a gush of fluid, my juices wetting the bed sheets.

I can feel your hardness, the tip resting against my now swollen pussy, I close my eyes, cursing my stillness, wanting to press myself against it, to feel it slide into my body would be ecstasy. But you’re cruel, and run it up-and-down my craving slit,  knowing that I want you inside me and deliberately not giving me what I want. Tears began to leak from the corner of my eyes, my need so strong to feel you inside me that I cry in frustration. I feel your fingertips brush against my clit, still moist with my essence, and gently begin to rub. God I hate you.


Against my will my body responds and I come again, I feel you slide your entire length hard into my body. Your dick is so hard and hot inside me, my pussy clamps down, fluttering as I adjust to its girth. You slide in further so that I feel your balls resting against my ass and I gasp, want to grab your ass push against it. I feel you pull away, and your shaft pulling against the walls of my hot wet cunt, delicious friction enough to make me roll my eyes back into my head. Stop teasing and fuck me. I feel the ridge of the tip of your dick just inside me, hot and throbbing, and I beg you with my eyes to stop teasing, to fuck me so hard I scream in pleasure, fuck me, hurt me with it,  I don’t care just put it in me, and you smile that evil smile that makes me fear you is much as want you. You move your hips, and small movements so that I feel the head of your dick rubbing against inside of me, not filling my pussy thing I want the most.

Your hand slides up my body, closing to twist my hard nipples before resting on my throat. It Tightens slightly as you continue your movements, driving me wild and reveling in it. The bed is now soaked underneath my ass, is the pillow underneath my head. I hate it when you’re like this. You speak my name and my eyes look up to yours, your face right above mine, rearing and licking your lips. I love it when you’re like this, your lip Lifts in a snarl as you drive your whole weight hard into my pussy, pulling back and doing it again, and again, growling like an animal, making me cry out your name. Your hand clamps down On my throat, strangling my cries. I can’t hold back and cum hard enough for the black butterflies to cloud my vision, feel my muscles vibrate as you continue stabbing me with your hard cock like some unhinged beast.


He releases my throat, still snarling, and kisses me hard as he fills me with his hot seed, deliciously spurting all over my insides and warming me further. I close my eyes, feeling him lay his weight on my body and his sigh of contentment. I smile as I let the butterflies take me, as I feel him once again start to move inside me, and see the demon that rests in his eyes stare back at me. His lips move as his lugubrious, delicious baritone says three words….

“You’re mine now.”

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The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Slaying you 2015 A Matt Farnsworth Creation Full Fathom 5 Studios
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Slaying you 2015
A Matt Farnsworth Creation
Full Fathom 5 Studios
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